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deweycc:The police was out of control on 7 July evening. They told the protesters to leave but at…


The police was out of control on 7 July evening. They told the protesters to leave but at the same time surrounded them, making it difficult for the people to leave.

They used the baton and shield to beat the people, regardless who they were attacking, whether they are protesters, passerbys or journalists.

Here is a clip of how the police attacked the protesters even there was no resistance.

Photo: HK01, you can see the cops trying to beat the reporters

One journalist was accused of attacking an officer when he was pushed by the police and fell on the ground, luckily other journalists witnessed and shouted at the cops, asking them to arrest the accused journalist immediately if he did attacked. End up the cops back down and told the media to calm down.

Some of the cops even entered a MacDonald to beat and arrest anyone wearing black. There are people asking the restaurant to release their security camera clip to expose this but they received no response.

The situation is horrible, those who supposed to be protecting the citizens are now treating the citizens as their enemy, they do not follow the law (a cop yelled at the protesters, saying ’fight me if you dare’, there were policemen didn’t show their identities when they’re on duty, which is against the law)

There was a time when we were proud to say Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, and now the police acting as the tool of the government to suppress unfavorable opinions.

You may see not see us on your local headlines anymore but Hong Kong people are still fighting!! Our people haven’t give up to injustice and brutality under the authoritarian rule that the capitalists in Wall Street are more than happy to do business with. Our people are going strong and standing up tall to what is wrong and cruel. Our people are unafraid of the batons and teargas. We are unafraid, we will not surrender but we don’t want to die quietly without waking up the world of the threat of this expanding authritarian regime.  If our people have to lose our freedom and autonomy eventually, please let our courage and dignity be remembered and World, please continue to fight the unfinished battle.

The fight for democracy in Hong Kong is the defining struggle of our age | Simon Tisdall

The fight for democracy in Hong Kong is the defining struggle of our age | Simon Tisdall:


(source: the guardian | by simon tisdall | 2 jul 2019) … The Hong Kong “two systems” crisis reflects a broader, global clash not of civilisations but of ideologies, crudely defined – a contest between liberal, democratic laws-based governance and authoritarian, nationalist-populist “strongman” rule. It is the defining struggle of our age. Which is why Hong Kong’s protesters deserve whole-hearted support – and Xi must not be allowed to crush them.

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My friend & I helped @knifeson​ to do this info pack of Hong Kong Extradition Bill. Hope you will understand more on the situation here now. Thank you all for your kind attention.
Origin album 612 – No Extradition To China from Knifeson Record

reducto1art: We need your help. I guess I will be taken to…


We need your help.

I guess I will be taken to prison by Chinese government one day, because of this art I drew, or the things I said.

I am from Hong Kong. As you may not know, this is a special administration region of China. We (still) have our own legal system, and freedom of speech, that’s why I can access to everywhere in the internet without censorship (I get ask a lot).

Recently, over a million of people are protesting against the Extradition Law. It was an extremely-almost-impossible fight and many students are injured horribly by the police force. I WAS THERE.

If the extradition law is passed, which means that China can “took” anyone from Hong Kong back to China as “prisoners”. Oh you don’t wanna know what China will do to those innocent people …

The government is forcing the law on us. We couldn’t do this on our own. We need more attention from other countries. Please spread this message out.

The Washington Post
The Guardian
Beautiful drone video captured on 9/6 & 12/6


Reposting is welcome. I prefer NOT to credit me if you want to post it to somewhere else (especially Facebook).

15/6 UPDATE: One of our man just jump off from the roof – he suicided because of THIS. 

His last words were “Full withdrawal of Extradition Bill. We are not rioters. Release injured students. Step down Carrie Lam. Help Hong Kong. No Extradition To China. Make Love No Shot.” 

We are all heartbroken. You will be missed. R.I.P.


I’m from Hong Kong now working in China.
Hong Kong is considered the world’s freest economy for more than two decades, which means we have hundred of thousands of expats and

from all over the world.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been among the top global Initial Public Offerings raising markets in the past decade, which means we have one of the biggest pools of foreign investments and money. 
Hong Kong hosts nearly 90 international media organisations including major broadcasters, newspapers and news agencies.

Hong Kong belongs to Hong Kong people, but Hong Kong also belongs to the international society. 
 Over 70 of the world’s 100 top banks operate in Hong Kong.

At the moment you are reading this, I am 100% sure there are your fellow people living and working in Hong Kong, I am 100% sure parts of your investment or fund can be traced back to Hong Kong market. We are all connected.

The proposed extradition law not only is going to send Hong Kongers to China, it actually extends to everyone who is physically in Hong Kong, even you are just transiting to somewhere else, if China considers you have committed a crime. It is not reaching and accusative if you make sense of this law now proposed in Hong Kong in the context of hostage diplomacy (  While one may pend for the leniency of the government if such law is passed and executed, no one should live in fear.

While the western countries have been doing business with China feeding and growing the monster of the Communist
authoritarian regime, millions of Hong Kongers are courageous and conscientious to stand up to say no to this extradition law. One and two millions of us took the streets on 9 and 16 June respectively.
Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.

(Photo credits: Apply Daily, Stand News Hong Kong)

Between two massive rallies, a peaceful demonstration on 12 June was violently suppressed by the Hong Kong Police Force. Unarmed protesters and journalists were being assaulted by unjustified and excessive use of force. Protesters running for life were cornered with teargas, being shot in the heads with rubber bullets and beanbags. Despite of the casuality of these civilians, Police is going to charge some of them of inciting riots.

China and Hong Kong governments are now laying low to wait for G20 to pass, where the world leaders will come together to discuss economic and political matters.  Please spread this news and don’t let our cry be unheard.

lovinghk: so much to handle, let’s have a smile for a few…


so much to handle, let’s have a smile for a few second, hongkongers.

(source: S.H.I.E.L.D. – Marvel Universe Hong Kong Subdivision fb | 16 jun 2019)

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