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Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong

Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong:


endless darkness. but we have to fight on. 

(source: washington post | 20 may 2020) “We are now at the end of Hong Kong as we know. [Beijing is] telling Hong Kong people that it can do anything it wants, at whatever cost, and that it couldn’t care less about the consequences.”

… As the activists appeared in court this week ahead of trial, hundreds of supporters gathered outside, along with a smaller pro-Beijing group calling them “traitors.”

Among the supporters was David ­Cheung, 71, who was carrying a sign that read: “Carrie Lam has ruined Hong Kong. We will struggle until we are dead.”

I am not afraid. I will do whatever it takes and try my best to fight for my home,” Cheung said. “The Chinese Communist Party needs to learn that the more they suppress us, the more insistent we are, the more we will fight back.

eirianerisdar: It’s happened, guys.Police in Hong Kong have shot a protester point blank in the…


It’s happened, guys.

Police in Hong Kong have shot a protester point blank in the chest with live ammunition. (Edit: New details have emerged. The protester was a secondary 5 student, the equivalent age of at tenth grader in the US. He’s currently in critical condition.)

He, like others, weren’t doing anything except protesting his right to democracy, while the police keep escalating their levels of violence against protestors – from pepper spray and tear gas at first to rubber bullets and bean bag bullets and batons and water cannons – shooting out a veterinarian surgeon’s eye at point blank, shooting at journalists (an Indonesian journalist was hit in her eye two days ago) and tear gassing journalists so they can’t record what’s happening.

It’s gone beyond police brutality. Hong Kong is on the verge of becoming a police state and it won’t stop until a second Tiananmen.

And at the same time while thousands of our youth are fighting for our dying freedoms in Hong Kong, up in Beijing the dogs of the communist government are giving speeches about strength in unity.

I have no more words – only that as a doctor I know I’ll be seeing more and more of these young protestors in hospital, chained to their beds while we treat their wounds.

lovinghk: eight months on. we remember macro leung 梁凌傑 headline…


eight months on. we remember macro leung 梁凌傑

headline graphic and text concept below, from terrylazyclass fb via stand news | 15 feb 2020

2019.6.9 one million hongkongers went on street to protest against the extradition bill. some of us saw this 35-year old young man in bright yellow raincoat started his protest on this construction podium high up at pacific place, admiralty

2019.6.12 he fell off.

2019.6.15 he passed away.

2019.6.16 two million hongkongers went on the street again to protest against the extradition bill and mourned his death. the final count of hongkongers in the rally therefore is 2 million + 1.

recall your memory, read the following

Flowers and tears for ‘first martyr’ of Hong Kong protests

(source: the guardian | 16 jun 2019)

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Mickey Mouse says: FREE HONG KONG
Pass it along


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China will be trying to censor this, we need to get the word out and let the world know the atrocities going on in Hong Kong. We cannot have another massacre.

The best way to help Hong Kong is to be public in your support, spread info and dont let this be brushed under the rug.

My heart goes out to the people of Hong Kong😢

I stand with the people of Hong Kong.

I’m from Hong Kong.  We have been living in an endless nightmare since June when one million out of 7 million of the population took to the street. We are mercilessly beaten up and teargased, brutally headshot and eyeshot by rubber bullets, extensively arrested and severely charged. We are victims where vindication will never come and see no end to our suffering. More than 700 protesters arrested, out of them more than 100 charged, six suicides, hundreds injured. Gangsters were hired to attack civilians at metro station and in their neighborhood.  Outcry is silenced on major local media and turned into the fuel to the patriotic fire by CCP red media.  The 1.4-billion population of the Mainland China support to send troops to Hong Kong to kill our protesters. We are living in fear of political persecution and bodily assaults by the police and gangsters.

Please help us by spreading this information and write to your political representatives to ask for their support to Hong Kong. Please pray for us. Please wake up to this monstrosity and one of the biggest threats of CCP before it’s too late. Below is the timeline of what  has been happening in Hong Kong.

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