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bliphany:THANK YOU.ext-cosmos:Also, no one is speaking up about the concentration camps in Xinjiang….




Also, no one is speaking up about the concentration camps in Xinjiang.


The Hong Kong security law applys to two kinds of people, HongKongers and non-HongKongers (aka the rest of all of us). The Hong Kong security law is activated in two kinds of places, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. As long as you do anything the Chinese government considers hurting their feelings (meaning you can’t say anything bad about them. you can’t discuss all the murders, rapping, police brutality, their anti-human acts) they can arrest you and block your connection to your resources once you set foot on Hong Kong’s land. Even when you just want to transfer to another plane during your trip. Even when you just take a plane registered in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has just passed a law that threatens all humans but most people especially western people still don’t care. Hong Kong’s protests have become just news or “nothing serious/important as what they’re facing now” because what western people are facing are always “the most important thing” until they get bitten from the back. And western governments still can’t find the nerves to say anything bad about Chinese government’s anti-human crime, even when after the two World War you’d thought they knew better than the rest of us. But no. All the decorating talking about human rights, progressive society, love is love, but when it comes to China nothing is more important than the mass market, cheap labor, all the trade benefits the Chinese government can give you (but then we all know how they can take that back as they please, or use that as leverage, the more intertwined your government let your present get tied to China, the more dependent your future becomes to the Chinese government) And now people have yet another “good” reasons to say positive things about China or at lease stay the fake, self-protecting neutral now that the Hong Kong security law can affect basically all of us. Not hurt enough. So people still have the thinking that we can do business with the Chinese government. To earn some benefit from them in this globalized capitalism/competitive world. So people shut their mouths and their hearts. But still believe they care about human rights. Such a weird thing.

Theoretically everyone in every corner on this planet is subject to this law. Please wake up to this madness, it’s not a local issue for Hongkongers only.

Hong Kong police arrest more than 300 in first protest under new security law

Hong Kong police arrest more than 300 in first protest under new security law:


As thousands of protesters gathered downtown for an annual rally marking the anniversary of the former British colony’s handover to China in 1997, riot police used pepper spray and fired pellets as they made arrests after crowds spilled into the streets chanting “resist till the end” and “Hong Kong independence”.

“I’m scared of going to jail but for justice I have to come out today, I have to stand up,” said one 35-year-old man who gave his name as Seth.

Police said they had made more than 300 arrests for illegal assembly and other offences, with nine involving suspected violations of the new law.

The law punishes crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison, will see mainland security agencies in Hong Kong for the first time and allow for extradition to the mainland for trial.

China’s parliament adopted the law in response to protests last year triggered by fears that Beijing was stifling the city’s freedoms, guaranteed by a “one country, two systems” formula agreed when it returned to Chinese rule.

Police cited the law for in confronting protesters.

“You are displaying flags or banners/chanting slogans/or conducting yourselves with an intent such as secession or subversion, which may constitute offences under the … national security law,” police said in a message displayed on a purple banner.


“I saw this morning there are celebrations for Hong Kong’s handover, but to me it is a funeral, a funeral for ‘one country two systems’’

di-glossia: Hong Long Democrat convicted of assault after…


Hong Long Democrat convicted of assault after using loudhailer near cop

Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong

Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong:


endless darkness. but we have to fight on. 

(source: washington post | 20 may 2020) “We are now at the end of Hong Kong as we know. [Beijing is] telling Hong Kong people that it can do anything it wants, at whatever cost, and that it couldn’t care less about the consequences.”

… As the activists appeared in court this week ahead of trial, hundreds of supporters gathered outside, along with a smaller pro-Beijing group calling them “traitors.”

Among the supporters was David ­Cheung, 71, who was carrying a sign that read: “Carrie Lam has ruined Hong Kong. We will struggle until we are dead.”

I am not afraid. I will do whatever it takes and try my best to fight for my home,” Cheung said. “The Chinese Communist Party needs to learn that the more they suppress us, the more insistent we are, the more we will fight back.

eirianerisdar: It’s happened, guys.Police in Hong Kong have shot a protester point blank in the…


It’s happened, guys.

Police in Hong Kong have shot a protester point blank in the chest with live ammunition. (Edit: New details have emerged. The protester was a secondary 5 student, the equivalent age of at tenth grader in the US. He’s currently in critical condition.)

He, like others, weren’t doing anything except protesting his right to democracy, while the police keep escalating their levels of violence against protestors – from pepper spray and tear gas at first to rubber bullets and bean bag bullets and batons and water cannons – shooting out a veterinarian surgeon’s eye at point blank, shooting at journalists (an Indonesian journalist was hit in her eye two days ago) and tear gassing journalists so they can’t record what’s happening.

It’s gone beyond police brutality. Hong Kong is on the verge of becoming a police state and it won’t stop until a second Tiananmen.

And at the same time while thousands of our youth are fighting for our dying freedoms in Hong Kong, up in Beijing the dogs of the communist government are giving speeches about strength in unity.

I have no more words – only that as a doctor I know I’ll be seeing more and more of these young protestors in hospital, chained to their beds while we treat their wounds.

lovinghk: eight months on. we remember macro leung 梁凌傑 headline…


eight months on. we remember macro leung 梁凌傑

headline graphic and text concept below, from terrylazyclass fb via stand news | 15 feb 2020

2019.6.9 one million hongkongers went on street to protest against the extradition bill. some of us saw this 35-year old young man in bright yellow raincoat started his protest on this construction podium high up at pacific place, admiralty

2019.6.12 he fell off.

2019.6.15 he passed away.

2019.6.16 two million hongkongers went on the street again to protest against the extradition bill and mourned his death. the final count of hongkongers in the rally therefore is 2 million + 1.

recall your memory, read the following

Flowers and tears for ‘first martyr’ of Hong Kong protests

(source: the guardian | 16 jun 2019)

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