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Thousands of protestors singing “Do You Hear The People Sing” in a Hong Kong international airport. This is part of a 3-day sit-in and is only one example of the many marches, rallies, and sit-ins that are occurring daily.

The people of Hong Kong are fighting. Please do not let their voices go unheard around the world.

Please listen, please pay attention. 💔💔 Thank you. 💕💕

I’m a native Hong Konger and thank you for circulating this video.

Our movement started in early June with two marches of million turnout. Govt. did nothing to address our demands of investigation of police brutality and retraction of “riot” charge, except the suspension of the extradition law where anyone in HK could be sent to China’s court then jail. We lost six lives who killed themselves due to desperation and hopelessness. Hundreds injured, teargased, shot with robber bullets and beaten up by batons. Hundreds arrested and charged as rioters. Two major attacks on civilians by the gangsters hired by CCP. Hundreds or even thousands police in disguise infiltrated our protests, inciting violence and chaos, pitting our protesters against civilians. Unknown number of CCP police crossed the border to illegally work as HK police assaulting protesters without respect to the protocol. State propaganda encourage the 1.4 billion population to hate HK people, now they want a bloodshed to kill our protesters all.

Airport is the last venue we feel safe to organise protests now. But it is again terrorised by violent acts of the police in disguise. Our protesters are exhausted and hopeless and in fear after being violently suppressed in the past two months. They’re carried away and joined in the violent acts. It’s is horribly tragic and heartbreaking for us to come to this, when for all our life, we are the most peaceful protesters, singing songs and chanting, marching. Like what you see in the video. Remember the memorable gif where ambulance passing through the crowds of million people? This is us. But CCP is manipulative and despicable, they keep testing our limits again and again, we are only flawed humans, we couldn’t stop anymore when violence takes place.

This is an SOS to the international society. Hong Kong is being terrorised, radicalised and marginalised. We don’t give in to authoritarian rule but we feel weak and hopeless now. Please spread this to more people. If we are dying, at least our sacrifices can wake up the world to the authoritarian rule of CCP.

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