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曰、 無傷也。是乃仁術也。見牛未見羊也。君子之於禽獸也、見其生、不忍見其死。聞其聲、不忍食其肉。是以君子遠庖廚也。Mencius said: “You have not done wrong….

曰、 無傷也。是乃仁術也。見牛未見羊也。君子之於禽獸也、見其生、不忍見其死。聞其聲、不忍食其肉。是以君子遠庖廚也。

Mencius said: “You have not done wrong. What you did was an act of humaneness. You saw the ox, but had not seen the sheep. When it comes to animals, if the Noble Man has seen them while alive, he cannot stand to watch them die. If he hears their screams, he cannot stand to eat their meat. Therefore he stays away from the kitchen.”

Mencius, 1A:7. King Xuan of Qi,

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