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IMAGINE that a simple and very neutral Father’s Day post (from which no reference whatsoever can be derived, neither to your own father nor to the father of your child) leads to the fact that those, who usually scream the loudest about not tagging Cait in TW posts, now write directly to her and talk about the character traits of a husband, they only know from red carp/promo pictures.

It seems that the “silver” of the crazy fans is not limited to Shipper.

That’s all I have to say to the gloating anons who fill my inbox.

Genuine questions:

Isn’t it normal for people to tweet about their favourite husbands for their first Father’s Day?

If tweeted, what could be the privacy concerns, if any, if the said husband or father is already a fact to the general public?

How could certain fans have known the said father is the best father if he was only seen walking behind or ahead of his wife on work occasions for months, leaving behind their newborn alone to their nanny at home?

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