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The 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, commonly known in mainland China as the June Fourth Incident (Chinese: 六四事件, liùsì shìjiàn), were student-led demonstrations in Beijing (the capital of the People’s Republic of China) for the establishment of basic human and press rights and against the Communist-led Chinese government in mid-1989. More broadly, it refers to the popular national movement inspired by the Beijing protests during that period, sometimes called the ‘89 Democracy Movement (Chinese: 八九民运, bājiǔ mínyùn). The protests were forcibly suppressed after Chinese Premier Li Peng declared martial law. In what became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, troops with assault rifles and tanks fired at the demonstrators trying to block the military’s advance towards Tiananmen Square. The crowds were stunned that the army was using live ammunition and reacted by hurling insults and projectiles. The troops used expanding bullets, prohibited by international law for use in warfare, which expand upon entering the body and create larger wounds. The number of civilian deaths was internally estimated by the Chinese government to be near or above 10,000.

The Communist Party of China forbids discussion of the Tiananmen Square protests and has taken measures to block or censor related information. Textbooks have little, if any, information about the protests. After the protests, officials banned controversial films and books, and shut down many newspapers. Within a year, 12% of all newspapers, 8% of publishing companies, 13% of social science periodicals and more than 150 films were banned or shut down. The government also announced it had seized 32 million contraband books and 2.4 million video and audio cassettes. Access to media and Internet resources on the subject are restricted or blocked by censors.

June 4, 1989-2020

We Hongkongers have commemorated Tiananmen Square Massacre for 31 years. This year we defy a police ban to gather, we stand up against CCP’s oppression in Hong Kong.


lovinghk: 2020.6.4 hong kong(work by artohk | 4 jun 2020)


2020.6.4 hong kong(work by artohk | 4 jun 2020)

Hong Kong Protester: I Can’t Breathe

Hong Kong Protester: I Can’t Breathe:


2019.9.29  “i can’t breathe” admiralty, hong kong

all lives matter.

(source: finance fellow fb) 

On September 29th 2019, a Hong Kong Police officer was kneeling on the back of a young protester’s neck. The youngster was saying “I can’t breathe” multiple times but he was ignored by that police office.

Up to now, the HK police officer who applied such violence has not faced any consequences.

Video Source: 城市廣播 City Broadcasting Channel

Boris Johnson would ‘willingly’ offer all of Hong Kong refuge

Boris Johnson would ‘willingly’ offer all of Hong Kong refuge:


(source: daily mail | 3 jun 2020) Writing in the Times, Mr Johnson said: ‘Britain would then have no choice but to uphold our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong.

‘Today, about 350,000 of the territory’s people hold British National (Overseas) passports and another 2.5million would be eligible to apply for them.’ Currently the passports allow visa-free access to the UK for up to six months.

He added: ‘If China imposes its national security law, the British government will change our immigration rules and allow any holder of these passports from Hong Kong to come to the UK for a renewable period of 12 months and be given further immigration rights, including the right to work, which could place them on a route to citizenship.

‘This would amount to one of the biggest changes in our visa system in history.’

If it proves necessary, the British government will take this step and take it willingly.

‘Many people in Hong Kong fear their way of life, which China pledged to uphold, is under threat.

‘If China proceeds to justify their fears then Britain could not in good conscience shrug our shoulder and walk away; instead we will honour our obligations and provide an alternative.’ It is understood the people of Hong Kong will be offered a route into Britain only after the publication of full details of the proposed laws, expected this month.

Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong

Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong:


endless darkness. but we have to fight on. 

(source: washington post | 20 may 2020) “We are now at the end of Hong Kong as we know. [Beijing is] telling Hong Kong people that it can do anything it wants, at whatever cost, and that it couldn’t care less about the consequences.”

… As the activists appeared in court this week ahead of trial, hundreds of supporters gathered outside, along with a smaller pro-Beijing group calling them “traitors.”

Among the supporters was David ­Cheung, 71, who was carrying a sign that read: “Carrie Lam has ruined Hong Kong. We will struggle until we are dead.”

I am not afraid. I will do whatever it takes and try my best to fight for my home,” Cheung said. “The Chinese Communist Party needs to learn that the more they suppress us, the more insistent we are, the more we will fight back.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong says Beijing’s bill is about boosting Communist regime, not national security

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong says Beijing’s bill is about boosting Communist regime, not national security:


(source: cnbc | 27 may 2020) ″We all know that the national security legislation is not about the security of China, it’s just about enhancing, embracing the Communist regime in China,” Wong, secretary general of pro-democracy group Demosisto, told CNBC.

There is also fear the national security laws could lead to Chinese intelligence agencies setting up bases in Hong Kong and enforcing law directly.

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