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<p>Hey! I was brought in to this show by my sister only last week, but while I went full samcait ship, she’s determined that his gay or bi and there’s no chance. Is there any strong evidence that supports Sam and Cait? Other than their insane chemistry that is… :) Thanks!</p>

Oh God you mean a recap of 6 years removing all the bullshit they tried and are trying to sell? I don’t know if for you these are a  strong evidence but I try… they denyed to be a couple like three times at least with an interview just for that, he had beards like he changes his underwear and she is supposely married to a not private husband/assistant that I think is gay.

Sam on november 2013 is gone in the middle of night at Caitriona’s apartment to help her with a spider and she thanked him the morning after

They watched the Wedding episode together alone with some bottles of wine.

They haven’t been filmed a love scene during this time but Caitriona already knew he’s a good kisser. 

They always have some inappropriate comments about each other or sexual banter for two people who are not in a relationship “my costar, the hot one” “your boobs are pretty awesome” Sam always looks at her breast and butt and Caitriona likes to stare at his butt too…

His arm has always been around her for years and no rooms for Jesus, they don’t know what personal space is.

They watch the same TV series

She feels lucky to have him AS A PARTNER, EVERY DAY but she said NOTHING about her husband to be who was at the same table (but she thanked him at the IFTA last year with a fake kiss). And they said how they missed each other when they were working at other projects.

Sam reaction when Caitriona was talking about women and sex. 

Sam showing his jealousy for an old date. They flirted all night and her supposed husband to be was there too as assistant with SamCait friend Marina. 

Sam told Caitriona that she was too close to home in Turtle Soup scene in Season 3. Both interviewers were astonished, she was talking about having sex drunk… Sam in the past said that when she’s drunk her legs go but the rest of the body is fine LOL

Caitriona takes care of Sam when he’s sick

He was so worried for her neck during a facebook chat that he asked THREE times if she was ok.

She knows when he goes to the gym.

They don’t stay professional it seems, well at least in the first seasons… have you seen their tongues and kisses right?

And well he bought the apartment the production rented for her when she came in Scotland. If you need a full video or something else tell me :) 

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