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Remembering hundreds thousands nameless people in Wuhan who are kept in the dark for weeks eventually passed away. Honouring the whistleblowers, the medics and frontlines who dedicated their lives to save the people in Wuhan. It’s not a natural disaster. It’s not the virus that kills. It’s the coverup, it’s the blatant lies, it’s the utter disrespect to human lives. It’s a murder. People who defend the coverup, go along the lies and downplay the disrespect are the accomplices. //There was a moment when there existed the danger of a nuclear explosion, and they had to get the water out from under the reactor, so that a mixture of uranium and graphite wouldn’t get into it – with the water they would have formed a critical mass. The explosion would’ve been between three and five megatons. This would have meant that not only Kiev and Minsk, but a large part of Europe would’ve been uninhabitable. Can you imagine it? A European catastrophe. So here was the task: who would dive in there and open the bolt on the safety valve? They promised them a car, an apartment, a dacha, aid for their families until the end of time. They searched for volunteers. And they found them! The boys dove, many times, and they opened that bolt, and the unit was given 7000 rubles. They forgot about the cars and apartments they promised – but that’s not why they dove! Not for the material, least of all for the material promises. Those people don’t exist anymore, just the documents in our museum, with their names. But what if they hadn’t done it? In terms of our readiness for self-sacrifice, we have no equals. Sergei Sobolev, deputy head of the Executive Committee of the Shield of Chernobyl Association, 1995 //

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Netflix to Produce 50 Projects in Mexico 2019-02-13T12:13:53.000Z

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Richard Madden channels James Bond in suave tux on BAFTA red carpet 2019-02-13T10:39:17.000Z

Man, he’s way too short for James Bond. The next Bond should be Idris Elba or my Scot Sam Heughan. Why women have hots for Madden? He’s a decent bloke and Bodyguard is entertaining but all the madness for Madden is so OTT. Golden Globes piggy backs the trend but the award should have gone […]

Sam Heughan 2019-02-13T10:24:43.000Z

OMG Kids and my favourite Scot Sam are adorbs!!! I don’t even like kids honestly! The Gin kid and the leather shorts kid are hilarious 😂 from Facebook via IFTTT

Put out to grass: when animals are allowed to grow old 2019-02-11T14:02:18.000Z

“Of course, keeping back a few pigs didn’t make us “humane” – certainly not from the point of view of the ones who didn’t get a reprieve – but it did mean our capacity for compassion was selective rather than nonexistent.” Then become aware of being selective and make effort to become less selective. Eat […]

【田雞專訪】由叫星爺起身到身邊紅人 「佢總有萬千個理由鬧你」 2019-02-07T16:19:17.000Z

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