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Why are ppl so judgmental about him working for her? That’s probably a perk when you see a celeb that travels a lot. If not it would be a lot of long distance

No one is judging the position of PA or business manager. It’s just really awkward when he’s been touted as a music producer, maestro, and other illustrious career positions for years and she’s retweeted articles about it and has never corrected any journalists or media about it. In the exclusive announcement of her wedding he was called a music producer. Until a fan enthusiastically gushes about it and tries to connect with her about her loved one’s career. Oh then she abruptly corrects the fan. She tells her he “really hates this.”

I was a band manager once. You don’t want to have a deep personal relationship with them when mix ups and schedule challenges happen either due to them or others. It’s stressful and not fun having to cancel an exclusive event you booked them at because they don’t feel like going. After all that hard work and pulling strings, it’s not fun. Or when a venue they had planned for and spent a lot of money preparing for changes things and you have to break the news to the band. Not fun. You take a lot of shit from all angles for them but it’s your job so it’s not personal.

He looks like a PA, acts like he manages her, but she has never said he does. So no one is making fun of him working for her, they are laughing with incredulity at her fake public narrative. Now she says he’s a band/artist manager- not her manager or PA

So it would puss her and him off if everyone keeps calling him a music producer? Game on!

I know!!! Too funny we don’t know if she replied to the bands names he manages. But seriously that cheeky woman whoever it was is my kind of no fucks hero. If she wasn’t a plant used solely for this exchange then she is a badass.

I would pay to watch the convo and see Catalina’s face.

Who did this?!!! Tell us more!!!

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