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Let`s start with my favourite song so far. It is entitled Buscandote (Searching for you) and it was written in 1941 by Eduardo Scalise. This is an interpretation of the orchestra Osvaldo Fresedo, sang by Ricardo Ruiz.

Below, first the original lyrics in Spanish and underneath an English translation.


  • Buscándote

con el cansancio de mi eterno andar,
tristeza amarga de la soledad
ansias enormes de llegar.

que por la vida fui buscándote,
que mis ensueños sin querer vencí,
que en algún cruce los dejé.

Mi andar apresuré
con la esperanza de encontrarte a ti,
largos caminos hilvané
leguas y leguas recorrí.

Después que entre tus brazos
pueda descansar,
si lo prefieres volveré a marchar
por mi camino de ayer…

  • Searching for You


with the fatigue of my endless ambling,
the bitter sadness of being alone,
enormously anxious to arrive.

Perhaps you know…
that I have gone through life searching for you,
that I accidentally conquered my dreams,
that I left them at some crossroads.

I sped up my amblings,
in hopes of seeing you,
I strung together long roads,
I covered leagues and leagues.

After I have had a chance to rest
in your arms,
if you prefer I will leave again
by the road I took yesterday…

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