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“…somehow i feel that in our life, we have to get a sort of descent into the bottom of self in order to resurrect…but we got to experience it through our emotions, through our life, because otherwise how do we gain real love, gain real awareness…it came from real exploration of our bodies and our […]

poeticprinciple: I just want this photo by itself, and I’m distraught that I cannot find it. Do any of my fellow Kate fans have it? 

Audio devish: “Good Morning, Heartache” – Billie Holiday Every day I start by saying to you, ‘Good morning, Heartache, what’s new?’

fuckyeahdogs: fuckyeahbostonterriers: fuckyeahcuteanimalss: theanimalblog: sixohthree: Getting my beauty rest… (by Photography South)

marcusod: Jafar Panahi, the Iranian filmmaker, was freed on bail following Juliette Binoche speech at Cannes. via @sydfilmfest

On a physical level too, Binoche has acquired gravity. That exceptionally sweet face – which once reminded one of a beautiful, shy deer – has aged naturally and shamelessly. Tiny fans of lines sprout from her eyes when she laughs and her default expression (perhaps because the interviewing process is one she clearly suffers rather […]

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