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China Lost World War II September 04, 2015 at 11:30PM

“Mao’s moment of triumph arrived in 1949, when he finally chased Chiang to Taiwan, and the Communists consolidated their control over most of the mainland. For decades, the Communist Party blotted out the memories of the Sino-Japanese War as secondary to the narrative of the Communist revolution. Mao even liked to “thank” the Japanese for […]

An Egyptian billionaire wants to buy a Mediterranean island for refugees September 04, 2015 at 07:32PM

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Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes. September 04, 2015 at 03:54PM

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AJ+ September 04, 2015 at 01:30PM

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7 things you can do to help refugees like Aylan Kurdi September 03, 2015 at 11:55PM

This is war. War claims life. War is still going on in our everyday life. War is tragedy that we better learn and remember with humility and remorse. Nothing to celebrate or be excited with. Respect those who lost their loved ones or lives and suffered in war. Talking about anti-war, there are lots of […]

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