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黑天情景降臨本港 瑞銀:明年樓價或跌39% September 07, 2015 at 01:49PM

花無百日紅。不要將所有雞蛋放在同一個籃子。都是常識。但自私短視也是人性。 “梁裕昌指出,本港在過去長達十多年的「旺市」中,過於依賴自由行作為增長動力,但每個行業都有其自然起落的周期:「好似自由行,已經增長了12年,由盛轉衰都很正常。政府可以做的並不是去阻止一個正常周期的回落,而是居安思危,早幾年預見到有問題,就鼓勵其他行業發展,希望有機會成為下一個增長動力,去抵銷旅遊業下跌的影響。」” from Facebook via IFTTT

Angelina Jolie Pitt’s Speech to the UN Security Council – USA for UNHCR September 06, 2015 at 11:22PM

我仍然相信我所存在的世界,不會讓一整個國家的人被殘害死去。因為我害怕有一天被放棄的是我城我家的人。太可怕了。 “The purpose of the UN is to prevent and end conflict: To bring countries together, to find diplomatic solutions and to save lives. We are failing to do this in Syria. Responsibility for the conflict lies with the warring parties inside Syria. But the crisis is made worse by division and indecision within the […]

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