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davidslynched:“The first film is about what could be, the second…


“The first film is about what could be, the second is about what should have been. Before Midnight is about what it is.” -Ethan Hawke

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I know many are angry with Caitriona, but man, I really felt sad for her at the Golden Globes…





Don’t get me wrong, I’m crushed that it’s now confirmed and it’s
going to take me some time to grasp that it’s really over, but her and
Tony acted as weired and uncomfortable around each other as ever. And
that makes me sad for her.

Aren’t you supposed to glow when you get
engaged? Don’t you want to scream at the top of your lungs that you’ve
found the love of your life? Don’t you want to share your happiness with
the world? Instead, Caitriona feels like she needs to keep her private
life so private that she can’t even enjoy being out with him. I get
wanting to keep him out of the spotlight, but what’s wrong with posing
with him for pictures? What’s wrong with looking proudly at her while
Caitriona’s name is announced? Instead he stays in the background like a
lost puppy and gets whiplash from looking anywhere but her during the
ceremony. Is she so afraid of fan reactions that they keep their
distance? I mean, she must be happy with him in private, otherwise she
wouldn’t marry the guy, right? So why the need to act as if she employed
him in public?

I for one would support her if she showed him even an ounce of the
affection she shows Sam. I could be happy for her if he looked at her as
if the sun rises with her smile… like Sam does… but there’s
nothing… nothing….

And that makes me sad for her, because she looked anything but happy with Tony at the Golden Globes.

You make some valid points here.

I know she was sick with flu.

I also wonder if her lack of PDA is because she doesn’t what to flaunt it in Sam’s face. She cares deeply for Sam she doesn’t want him looking at videos of her and Tony wrapped around each other. So things won’t change until Sam moves on and falls in love himself.

She’s engaged to him so she must be in love with him.

I wish both Sam and Caitriona a life filled with love and happiness.

Everyone is also always quick to blame Cait. What if Starz asked her to keep a low profile and play up the SC angle, because they wanted to string everyone along? Maybe that’s why there is no PDA. 

And yes, curious to see how interactions between Sam and Cait will change now that she’s married… will they not do joined interviews anymore? Will they cool it any more down? Not sure why I get the feeling that Sam is not too happy about all of this.

Exactly @goforwhatevermakesyouhappy It’s dangerous to jump to conclusions without all the facts. Maybe Sam is playing the martyr but I think he is genuinely a little sad. So I do feel sorry for him. Unrequited love is very painful.

Both Sam and Caitriona have already signed up for a Con during the summer so we’ll see.

Re unrequited love. Isnt it echoes the news about CT are dating for only two years (2016-2017), leaving things pre-2016 open and unsaid? Then it also makes sense when we take into consideration another post about SC secretly in relationship at the very beginning but didn’t work out (2014-2016).

Never I hesitate a second whether they are acting off screen leading the fans on intentionally for any instrumental reasons. We witness their love and we don’t have to dispute it with anyone. It’s best if they can confirm what we saw and believed in but we don’t need such confirmation if we believe in what we saw it’s true.

I saw that they love each other very much and Cait loves Sam very much. Still. She doesn’t want Sam to see her all over Tony in public even they broke up. Perhaps she’s naive but she still wants to be a good friend to Sam and she doesn’t hide it. Not even her fiancé can stop her from maintaining the relationship with Sam. I don’t think she wants it all. On the contrary, she is trying her best to be there and available for both men she loves and love her back. I don’t know how she can do it, as much as I don’t know how she can be the Claire beyond our expectation. It’s definitely harder than being nominated three times GGs.

Reality bites. You call it coward you call whatever name you want, but we don’t always get married to the one we loves most. Sometimes things go wrong, timing goes wrong. At any moment in history, we are and they are simply all flawed lost confused human beings. But we still have to go on our life and settle down for a basket of reasons more complicated and hard for a heart can harbour in one life.

But all these don’t refute what happened before, what we witnessed before. They are real and genuine. We are not delusional and they are not playing games. This is not a zero sum game that somebody takes and wins all. If our assumption is correct, they broke up around IFH and since then they have been struggling for an exit. It has taken all their effort to make things right in the past two years. It sort of explains the chaos and confusion and inconsistencies and pulls and pushes we saw in public. In the meantime, they still have had to deliver Jamie and Claire and be there up to the expectation of fans at cons. Now I’m tearful remembering they have been trying so hard to cherish and enjoy their moments on set, lest causing any embarrassment to their colleagues and disappointment to their fans. It takes both of them heaven and earth to keep things normal around them. They have my deepest respect. I am grateful to the universe I have been here to witness their love. At this moment, they don’t end up husband and wife, but please trust that love is more than the labels and titles and diamonds.

So who was Cait dating in 2015? I still think that your anon about Cait and Sam being together then splitting up because one of them (Cait, cough, Cait) found it too hard to work together and be together (which ironically is what she’s doing with Tony!). And if that’s love, I’ll happily stay single.😂😂😂

Well since you bring it up and it doesn’t matter any more, here is the original message:

Part 1: Pls don’t post this but you can summarize it however you like. I like your snark and your blog, hence my choice of coming here. Let’s just say I used to work production on one of the hottest TV shows these days (depending on who you ask). So, lead guy and girl meet; they fall head over heels like their character, only less drama and challenges. They were together for 2 years and were an open secret on set. The split was rather not mutual; one party wanted to concentrate more on career,
Part 2: the other does not think it matters. That was the word. So a trial breakup. They patch things up again. A convention was somewhat the height of their r/ship for public consumption. But they could not make it work. Working together and being together was too much pressure. On their show and on one of them. So, they are friends but it has been difficult. Mood on set has changed. Not for the worse, but it has changed. So. there you go. I don’t know if they are with other ppl, but if they
Part 3: are, none of those other partners even show up or mentioned. We never saw them. I think they are still trying to see if they can make it work; their bond is very strong. Love is clearly there. Always has been. It has been a joy to witness.


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Natalie Portman did THAT at the 2018 Golden Globes

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