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Claire & Jamie ❤️


Forgive me for being nostalgic.

I have a sincere question. I have considered myself an NST, but only took offense about the nastiness toward SC SO’s. I know people are hurting and I hope those that are can find some peace soon. But my question is, do you think that people will get to a point where they can enjoy Sam and Cait interactions for what it is? Just them enjoying their friendship with each other? Or as PR, highlighting their chemistry? I have enjoyed it, even believing that they weren’t a couple. My hope is yes.

I’m not shitting you when I say I have no clue what NST stands for. Going to keep my answer as brief as I can because I promised not to pontificate about this again. Quick answer: I think people will if Sam and Caitriona help. They need to stop relying on those BEST FANS EVER to do the heavy lifting. They need to put their show first – not MPC, not their vacations or fashion lines, not Times Up, not anything else but Outlander. I think that they need to start pushing out new Jamie/Claire filming, BTS content every day. Make us fall in love with the story again – take THEMSELVES out of the equation. I look at other actors who play beloved couples and it’s just not awkward or dramatic at all with them – because they do so much to keep the focus on their characters.

We’re living in a time where people want to be informed constantly. And our attention span is really short. It’s not enough to hide in Scotland filming with no regular fan engagement. We’ll find someone else who is doing that to obsess over. And there are too many ways to share with us. The days of “no spoilers” don’t exist anymore. The word droughtlander shouldn’t even be a thing.

As I said in my open letter to them earlier – it’s weird because they’re making it that way. We all came here for Jamie and Claire. If that’s what they want us to focus on, they’re going to have to woo us back. This fandom has lost its identity. There are only two people who can help us find it again. But if they act like they don’t care about their own characters/show, why should we?

Where did you learn all that stuff in your long, press-j-to-skip, extremely informative reply/reblog to the “Good people aren’t wealthy” post? It was really well, done, I appreciate it. I wanted to send a message because I very much agree with your reply in the reblog but I don’t agree with the core sentiment that you were reblogging. “Good” has too many varying definitions and “wealthy” has too many varying definitions for that statement to be useful. Everything you posted was great, though.

Thank you for the ask! That’s all completely fair! 

I have a background where I pursued some of that research (psychology, labor) for my degrees or jobs. Don’t do that. As you can see, it leads to NOTHING good. 

An easier and more accessible way to absorb knowledge about The Economy is to read “The Economist” every week for 4+ years, until you have simmered in a kind of financial depression, like a kinda sous vide for the brain, and you are both tender and flavorful, and also Constantly Falling Apart. 

The Economist has good puns and wordplay, and the cover of this weeks’ issue is clearly some kind of meme, so that’s an endorsement of sorts!

(This week’s most unexpectedly charming piece of depression is an article on “snow-washing,” which is when you launder money in Canada. SNOW-WASHING. Doesn’t that just excite you even as it depresses you? Like, you know that now. Some people snow-wash their money in Canada. What an enormous world. But you also get puns that fall short, like “GroKo fo sho,” what the heck, Ecnonomist.)

A good deal of the general Vibe of that post was inspired by pondering upon Nobel-winning psychologist/economist Daniel Kahneman, whom I admire greatly. Here’s a paragraph from his biography, which is on his Wikipedia page:

It must have been late 1941 or early 1942. Jews were required to wear the Star of David and to obey a 6 p.m. curfew. I had gone to play with a Christian friend and had stayed too late. I turned my brown sweater inside out to walk the few blocks home. As I was walking down an empty street, I saw a German soldier approaching. He was wearing the black uniform that I had been told to fear more than others – the one worn by specially recruited SS soldiers. As I came closer to him, trying to walk fast, I noticed that he was looking at me intently. Then he beckoned me over, picked me up, and hugged me. I was terrified that he would notice the star inside my sweater. He was speaking to me with great emotion, in German. When he put me down, he opened his wallet, showed me a picture of a boy, and gave me some money. I went home more certain than ever that my mother was right: people were endlessly complicated and interesting. (Kahneman, 2003, p. 417)

Isn’t that amazing? What an enormous world. What an absolutely enormous world. 

Since the world is ruled mostly by money and its movements, it’s important and interesting to learn more about it. But it’s something people are very resistant to – they feel that it may be tricky and depressing and involve math, or something. You start saying “BILLIONS” and they flinch and go “Nooo! I don’t want to hear about billions! I want to hear about Star Trek and cake.” People will resist being depressed. They will resist learning/hearing about Horrible Things unless they have already prepared a place in their brain that is receptive to horrible things. 

And learning about finance and the economy is considered a Horrible Thing. People clap their hands over their ears. Comparing fixed-term mortgages? EURGH! What’s happening to the bond market? EURGHH NO GO AWAY. Pensions-? ARRGH NO STOP TALKING. 

As a result, the money fandom is lightly populated, and mostly consists of difficult people like business majors. It may actually be cursed, like dragon’s gold. The more you learn about how money and labor and money-decisions work, the more you just want to start bibbling a finger across your lips and saying “wheee, nothing matters!” Which is toxic and unproductive.

So the best way you can approach learning about this stuff is to keep saying “huh! What an enormous world!!”

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In The Mood For Love (2000) dir. Wong Kar Wai

Feelings can creep up just like that.




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