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paris-signature: Gotan Project – Santa MariaHay milonga de…


Gotan Project – Santa Maria

Hay milonga de amor
hay temblor de gotán

Este tango es para vos

Hay milonga de amor
hay temblor de gotán

Hay milonga de amor
Este tango es para vos

Hay milonga de amor
hay temblor de gotán
este tango es para vos

The Women’s March Returns to New York City January 21, 2018 at 08:16PM

“There are many skeptical questions that tend to get lobbed at events like this: What’s the point? Is this a theatrical distraction? If someone spends all day marching, will she ignore the more pragmatic and immediate work of calling her representatives the next morning? These questions are valid only insomuch as they presume that the […]

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😆📣Hey fandoms in the back row, you heard that right?!!?

Fun fact: we had ridiculous shipper fights even back then. It was totally goofy slapfighting, nothing like the toxic wannabe moral crusading of modern fandom fuckery, but we so totally had our screwball playground scuffes.

The term Shipper – short for relationshipper – was coined as a term for someone who wanted Mulder and Scully to become an item. Shippers fully realized that the two of them were totally in love, so dammit, give us some action! Admit it onscreen! The truth is out there, Chris Carter, and this “just friends” conspiracy of yours is fooling no one! We shrieked with uncontrollable joy every time Mulder and Scully hugged or flirted or bantered like an old married couple on screen and we drove ourselves into an ecstaticly hopeful tizzy every time a TV Guide interview or Entertainment Weekly article tossed us a few shippery crumbs.

Fun extra tidbits: The ship itself was often abbreviated MSR for the fanfic tag Mulder Scully Romance, and in casual fandom conversation, Mulder and Scully were sometimes affectionately referred to as Moose and Squirrel. Vince Gilligan (yes, the one from Breaking Bad) was one of the show’s regular writers, and his eps tended to have the absolute best, most witty, endearing, and wonderfully emotional Mulder/Scully interactions. We’d get super excited when we knew an upcoming ep was his, and after the ep aired, we’d all scramble for the newsgroup or one of our many assorted email lists to chatter excitedly, analyze every little meaningful look and affectionate touch and individual piece of flirtatious banter while joyously singing the praises of “UberVince”, as we’d come to call him.

In the other corner were the NoRoMos, meaning No Romance. Their most commonly expressed concern was that making Mulder and Scully an official item would mess up the chemistry of the show, and they often cited Moonlighting in their arguments. Additionally, some of them simply didn’t perceive Mulder and Scully’s chemistry as being a romantic type of love in the first place, so they weren’t into shipping for that reason. They had various other incorrect opinions too, but those were the ones that seemed to come up the most.

There was definitely a rivalry between the two camps, and we’d sit around being shamelessly ridiculous nerds and trying and “prove” our separate sides by referencing lines and scenes from specific episodes and overanalyzing the crap out of them (those damn pesky NoRoMos cited Field Where I Died as veritable scripture! But then we’d fire back with Pusher and Memento Mori and Bad Blood and the entire rest of the series thankyouverymuch and just generally keep up the cycle of being.. well.. shamelessly ridiculous nerds.) There was even someone in the NoRoMo camp who started drawing and posting these hilarious fandom meta cartoons about an action hero named NoRoMo Ninja. The artist made several strips, but the one I recall off the top of my head had NoRoMo Ninja going on a mission to infiltrate the Holy Shipper Temple and kidnap Vince Gilligan from atop the throne we’d worshipful seated him on. I wish to hell it was still around so I could link it – it was funny as hell no matter which side you were on.

There were definitely people who didn’t give a shit either way and/or wrote fics for other pairings entirely, but “shipper” at the time referred to someone who specifically supported canon MSR. I even recall reading a few MSR fics where the authors flat-out said in their notes that they weren’t a shipper, they just enjoyed exploring the pairing in fanfic.

So there’s today’s tale from the fandom history crypt. Here’s to good natured intra-fandom rivalry and solving shipper disputes with goofy cartoons and nerdy essays instead of moral judgment and leaving the verbal equivalent of a flaming bag of dog poop in someone’s inbox.

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Margaret Atwood on What ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Means in the Age of Trump January 21, 2018 at 04:42PM

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