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“Kirk Got Redpilled”: William Shatner Lashes out At “SJWs” And “Snowflakes” in Twitter Attacks

“Kirk Got Redpilled”: William Shatner Lashes out At “SJWs” And “Snowflakes” in Twitter Attacks:





This is such a bummer. I hope that Bill has just hired some people to work within his social media team, and he doesn’t realize or understand that they seem to be gross Pepes. 

I hope that someone convinced him that doing this shit is just a way of being “controversial” because there’s no such thing as bad press or attention, and they made him believe that there’s this vast audience of people who are shitty like them who will give him money and attention.

I hope that all of that is true, because then maybe someone can talk with him, and help him see that it’s toxic and cruel and hurting a lot of people who sincerely look up to him and have been positively affected by his work. 

He was mean to me when I was a kid, but he apologized, and has been kind to me ever since. I want so badly for this to not be the guy I’ve known a little bit for over thirty years, because it breaks my heart, if this is who he is in his own heart.

I want – I need – to believe that this is the work of shitty little self-proclaimed social media gurus, and that he isn’t actually this awful person who was being shitty to marginalized people on Twitter, because the Internet already has one Adam Baldwin and we don’t need another one.

Bill Shatner has been mocking fans and vulnerable people in general – especially women, the younger the better, if queer bonus points – for many years. I remember his antics in the 1970s. He got worse in the 80s. Along came Twitter and he found a platform to be prolific.

He targets the powerless – the woman or the LGBT kid or the person of colour or autistic – while promoting himself as a fine jolly gentleman to most with a blue tick next to their name. He unleashes his following of misogynists, racists, white supremacists, mens-rights-activists, homophobes and all round bigots to harrass minorities and marginalised people. He spreads absurds lies for his own self-aggrandisement, the bully who calls his victims bullies.

He showed us what he’s like many years ago, long before the internet and social media. This is him. Believe it.

UGHHHHHHHH. This man is just awful.

He doesn’t just stumble upon fandoms and end up getting into it with the fans, he purposely inserts himself into the fandoms of shows on twitter, cosying up to the stars, then attacks the fans, all while claiming victim hood.

And he’s been doing this for years.

Defiance fans saw it happen years ago.

He’s a big heaping pile.

qilliananderson: During the time that you guys were coming…


During the time that you guys were coming together for the 20th anniversary, rumors were all over the place that the two of you were in a romance. Were any of those rumors true? Well, now that it’s over, I can tell you that… no.



thejochiang: deductioneers: Goals: amass fuckyou…



Goals: amass fuckyou money

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