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魚旦論:只係三成?有咩辦法搞到變八成九成?到大把錢都冇選擇咪好囉。有冇錢都冇選擇咪好囉。人的野唔見棺材唔流眼淚。點解要咁bitter?係呢問下點解,問下發生左咩事。GO DEEPER. Jessica Chastain : “Ive a small request, instead of labeling a woman as ’emotionally unstable’ go deeper. What did she endure that led her to this place? We are the sum of our experiences. This is an industry built on power & dominance. She isn’t crazy. Start a conversation & let the healing […]

When We Were Young (1/1)



this is my goodbye to them. or perhaps it’s really my au revoir, and until we meet again. i hope you read it, and know that i loved them very much. 

love you all. thanks for reading. xo’s

when we were young 1/1


My heart is broken all over again.

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