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caitbalfes: 28 DAYS OF OUTLANDERday 10 • outlander / season one…


day 10 • outlander / season one • moment i could talk about non-stop
↳ “that’s one of the reasons i agreed to marry you – though, not the main one.”

The beauty of this scene is that every time I watch it I see something new – that and the fluidity of their movements. It’s truly mesmerising to watch. I can never say just how much I love and appreciate the fact that their first ‘I love you’s were said in a quiet moment like this. Not before parting, not because they thought they’d lose one another. They didn’t have to say it here, but they wanted to. 

Also, the way she puts her hand on his shoulder and looks him in the eyes before telling him she loves him. It’s important for her to do so. In this moment, she wants to make sure that he knows she means this because she stood before him a few months ago saying her marriage vows and didn’t mean a word of it. This, however, she means with all her heart – and she needs him to know that.


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Okay, I’ve had enough. It seems like nowadays you can’t even post simple SamCait pictures anymore. I’ve had like three people (*cough* Antis) put stupid comments on my post saying “They’re not together and they never will.”, “Silliness”, etc. Fucking stop it. I only posted a few pictures and you feel the need to 1. comment nonsense that has nothing to do with the actual post, 2. jump at my throat like I did something wrong? Get. Off. My. Post. I NEVER claimed ANYTHING people accused me of saying. I. Only. Posted. A. Few. Pictures. With. The. Caption. “Definition of No Room For Jesus”. That’s it. A clearly funny post, but obviously you people have no sense of humor, understandably, if all what you’re doing is attacking and hating on other people. Go spread your hate somewhere else, but not on my blog. It’s unbelievable that you can’t even post neutral SamCait stuff, appreciating whatEVER they have, without people attacking you.

@angelicjamie IMO. I liked your “No Room For Jesus” post. I liked it so much I added to it. This is just me, but fuck them! You do not need their approval to post whatever you want on your blog. If they don’t like it well it’s real easy, don’t come to my fucking blog. Fuck them .. they can fuck off .. and post away girlfriend .. don’t give them the power to make your fan experience a shitty one. I look forward to your next post.

is there a new influx of anti blogs? i had to block two of them for doing shit like that to me, too. i post a pic and they reply in the comments that they aren’t a couple. did i say they were? i just posted a stinking pic. blocked. 

Fuck em’. Post whatever the hell you want. In fact I encourage you to post more Sam and Cait just to really piss them off. It kills them that they can’t police every single person here. A bunch of whiny, control freaks is all they are. You do you boo! 

We should ALL start posting pictures of S/C just to keep the anti’s busy.  Think of it as missionary work. The antis seem to need this to give their lives meaning.


Got plenty more where that came from.

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Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg with director Federico Fellini as the actors prepare for the iconic Trevi Fountain scene in La Dolce Vita, Rome, 1960

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Where are those woke white people at!?

The amount of notes this doesn’t have bothers me…

Tumblr has 30-50 million active users. Why does this not even have 1 million notes?

I have over three thousand followers and so far only two reblogged this I’m disappointed


I expect nothing from nonblack followers lol

“That amount of time doesn’t exist.”



I’ve been thinking about this line today and about how Cait had to be convinced of it, of how she thought Claire wouldn’t be so deliberately cruel to Frank. 

I agree with with her on that point. I think cruel carries with it connotations of intent. While Claire is more than capable of cruelty, she is not malicious. She doesn’t enjoy it nor does she seek it out. It comes more from her bare bones practicality. 

Maybe her understanding of what it takes to heal also factors in but I think her steadfast determination in achieving what she wants and her unwillingness to be obstructed from her goals also play a part. 

She will take a life to preserve or protect the life of one she loves. She would have willingly killed a prince to save a culture. 

She is not cruel but she can call upon cruelty when she needs it. 

However, I don’t think she has called upon it with this exchange. 

At least, not from her perspective. To Frank, it is a devastatingly painful thing to hear but, for Claire, it is actually a very desperate plea to be understood.

A plea for Frank to understand the depth of the love she has for Jamie. To understand the depth of her loss. For him to finally grasp that she has tried with him, all these years. That she had offered him as much of herself as she was capable of giving him. That her heart was irrevocably given to another but her body and her affection and her time and her Sunday morning thoughts and the shape of her life and the raising of her daughter was his if he could content himself in finding happiness in them.

That she was willing and it was he who was not. 

It makes me wonder what those 20 years would have been like if he could have made peace with the reality of who they truly were, instead of chasing the dream of who they had been or of who they could possibly be.

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