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一生人經歷一次春運也很有趣。 與大家想像不同,天津北京都沒人了,火車站裡人比平常周五少很多,群眾在剛過去的週末陸續走光,現在地圖一片綠。

一生人經歷一次春運也很有趣。 與大家想像不同,天津北京都沒人了,火車站裡人比平常周五少很多,群眾在剛過去的週末陸續走光,現在地圖一片綠。 Uploaded by 吳海寧 February 14, 2018 at 05:59PM from Facebook via IFTTT

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So this is it. My official goodbye to Sam and Cait. Even though I didn’t
finish the full song (I physically and mentally just couldn’t do it) I
poured my heart and soul into this video so I hope that comes across and that I did their relationship justice. It may not be perfect (my editing
skills are shockingly rusty yikes) but I’m hoping you guys enjoy it anyway xoxo

For around four years, Jess has been running this blog. She’s spent countless hours keeping this blog up to date in real time even when that meant staying up ridiculous hours because of time differences. She’s got every picture, gif, video, interview, you name it, saved and can pull it up at a moment’s notice. She’s made hundreds of gif sets and photo sets. Dozens of videos. She’s answered thousands of asks/messages on here and has amassed thousands of followers and over 12 million views on her blog. And she’s done it all for free, because of her love for the actors and the show.

Jess is the beating heart of the shipper section of this fandom. Whether you love her or hate her, agree or disagree with her, that’s the undeniable truth. I would say 99.9% of shippers have at least one of her gifs saved, have visited one of her social media accounts, have pulled up her blog to look for something they need related to Sam and Cait or the show. And I think that’s because Jess has always been authentic. She’s always been approachable. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Whether she’s mad or sad or disappointed, or screaming in all caps because she’s reached peak fangirl mode, she is always real about it. She doesn’t pretend. That’s rare these days.

The shipper portion of the fanbase will remain. The OL fandom will remain. But it’s never going to be the same without Jess here every day, blogging and creating and editing and screaming and crying and laughing and poking fun. It really is the end of an era.

The video is bittersweet. The whole situation is. So while I’m reblogging this to say thank you for the video, you did an amazing job, it’s mostly to say thank you for everything you’ve given shippers and this fandom the last 4 years. You’ve created lifelong friendships that you’re not even a part of (and some that you are). You’ve created a space for people to come and share their interests and talents. You’ve raised awareness about charities and organizations affiliated with the show and actors. You’ve gone above and beyond what any other fan would do considering the stuff you’ve put up with, stuff people can’t even imagine, and you’ve done it with grace.

You’re amazing. Thank you for this blog. It’s helped me more than you know the last 2+ years. I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait to see you move on to something new and happy. 💞

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