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What do you want me to tell this bitch?

#the closest we ever see the machine to being furious#not really furious but i don’t have a better word#finally pushed too far and has a way to talk back for the first time ever#tm @ control: i own you and i know where your kid sleeps at night#like damn#control should not have fucked with her gf#we never see her lay down the law like this ever#like she gives root orders but root wants her to#this isn’t even an order…it’s an ultimatum#and man is root into it  (via @asleepinawell)

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When you finally meet the love of your life but she had to leave so soon and you realize you’re in trouble for falling:

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@tessavirtue17: Last show of the @starsonice tour in Japan. Things are getting crazy!

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Vintage IWW 4 hour workday prints

Can you imagine? Would give us so much more rest and free time.

The average office worker is only productive for 3 hours a day.

Every article talking about this study talks about how bosses can squeeze more labor out of workers, or how workers can squeeze more labor out of themselves, but the reality is that the human brain only has so much capacity to focus on unpleasant tasks, and people generally won’t work more than that without the threat of force (like in manual and service industry jobs where work is easily quantified and workers are being monitored all the time to make sure they don’t slack off; the threat of being fired and losing one’s ability to eat is the threat of force). People in hunter-gatherer societies do about that same amount of work.

more on the history of the effort for a 4-hour work day

I am highly aware that on my most productive and onto-it days in the office (vs the lab, where there are manual tasks with many steps I can complete routinely) I get maybe five hours of actual work done. It’s probably less. 

Adulthood in thinking and writing-intensive jobs is spending a lot of time lying to yourself about how much actual writing/thinking hard about a specific thing you do. 

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