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I think what’s at play here is way more simplistic than a lot of theories about how PR and publications that play both sides work. They don’t have to be fed anything (not that it doesn’t happen.) All they have to do is pay attention to their metrics (what gets clicked on and generates SM buzz in the form of replies/retweets/etc.) and have a finger on the pulse of a fandom. What’s being talked/tweeted/tumblred about? How can that be spun into something that gets clicks? I sure as shit did it and I was small time. And if it was polarizing even better because it was a guarantee that it would be hate-read and generate revenue. 

The numbers don’t care if attention is positive or negative. A click is a click, a comment is a comment, a clickbait article is often nothing more ,and when fandom behavior can be predicted easier than the tides coming in and out, it doesn’t take much to manipulate them into engaging. It’s not about integrity or staying in one lane because a publication believes or knows some sort of truth. It’s money. It’s exploiting the emotions of fans to their benefit. And unfortunately, it works. People still click. People still circulate links. People still comment and play into the metrics of engagement. It’s a giant circle jerk and I wish more people would realize that by buying into it, they have their hand on someone’s dick.

henricavyll: “Let’s go to bed”


“Let’s go to bed”

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