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You always say their likes (especially Sam’s) are just an easy way to still carry on with the farce without actually taking part in it. So, what about what Cait just did? Was her like of that particular tweet -mentioning Tony as her fiancé and with *that* pic attached to it- really necessary? It’s like the last few weeks meant nothing at all, like it never happened. I’ve always thought she would be the one to strike the final blow, and she’s making sure to live up to my expectations.

I wonder how much Sam charges for doodle lessons because that’s a Sam Heughan doodle.

It’s almost like they’ve both been happily handing out extra large mango smoothies for several weeks and then suddenly it dawned on her that she’s supposed to be serving grapefruit.

A shipper tweeted about the lemon right before the Anti troll did. Makes me wonder if Cait went oh crap, I forgot about posting that picture. A nervous reflex , like the afterthought kiss at the IFTA that even caught the maestro off guard.

The weird thing is I don’t see that Like when I look through her likes on both my Android app and on my iPad. I’m not the only one. But I know others can still see it I don’t know why that is.

Well, she just confirmed who the author of that lemon doodle was. Great!

I’m actually screeching with laughter. Have fun Cait 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Some more funny library signs.

ok the drop slot ones are deliberate comedy by Obvious Plant, not library staff. the rest are at least as funny tho.

I just so admire the “I don’t remember the title, but it’s blue” listing.


pggyolson: Ethan’s Song – After Before (Criterion Documentary)


Ethan’s Song – After Before (Criterion Documentary)

jamieclaire: request – anonymous: “Jamie and Claire saying ‘I…


request – anonymous: “Jamie and Claire saying ‘I Love You’ to each other.”

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