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This is not just an animation. This is an untold secret of our soul.

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New/Old pics of #BarbourSam📷

Barbour Sam is my kink.

Whatever genius touches this man’s hair for these shoots, particularly whoever did his short hair here, needs to be the only one who ever styles him for events again. This is a grown ass man right here and he looks different than every other Hollywood guy when his hair is allowed to be curly. In other words, re: Melissa:

@balfeheughlywed  I agree with you 1000%.  Sam needs to do whatever it takes to get Barbour hair stylest to sign on to his team  While he’s at it, also grab whoever styled his clothing for the last Bafta Scotland awards as well (Sorry, Monty, you used to do a pretty good job, but no more). 

Lord have mercy, this is great Sam hair! I love his natural curls, short or long. My favorite short hair of Sam’s to date is from the BAFTA’s this year, though. :-)

Here he is

Natural curly hair❤️

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Niagara (Henry Hathaway, 1953)

Marilyn Monroe, Jean Peters and Max Showalter

If Technicolor® had brought us nothing else but this vision of Marilyn Monroe in her fuchsia dress, that would have been enough.

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