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ariyah-v: how to block people in real life: a guide by the…


how to block people in real life: a guide by the mayhem disaster ducklings. 

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babyanimalgifs:for anyone that’s having a bad day, here are…


for anyone that’s having a bad day, here are pictures of animals sniffing flowers

Mother’s Day Mini-Musing


OK anons, you can stop asking.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms or moms to be.  I have been out and about all day so only
just catching snippets here and there.  

First and foremost, as I’m sure has been pointed out by
others, this was a work event.  As such
they immediately have exponentially less control over how free they can be than
at events like say…marathons which can be observed from the co-star’s bed with
said co-star’s cat looking like she’s cuddled in that bed with you before.  Remember, we’re not always the intended audience
of the show.  

Second, I would have been surprised if Tony had not been
there.  He’s almost always been at these
types of events unless he had a prior commitment. (I almost wrote engagement-heh.)   And in this case, the general public (as
opposed to the core fanbase) storyline is she is engaged to him.  If the general public is paying attention at
all, they skim and take things at face value.
They don’t know about incorrect timelines, lack of chemistry or a tenth
of what we’ve seen.  

Third, we know they follow our comments just before and
after an event.  I never used to believe
it but after the last 12-15 months, I’d bet money on it at this point.  So, looks like shy guy got some
coaching.  (Although it’s really
coincidental that he always gets his eyes dilated before an event.)

But one thing I noticed right away in what people are
calling a hug of Sam is something I wouldn’t call just a hug, at least a greeting
hug.  Let me preface it by saying that I
watch three late night talk shows every day.
And I recognize that kind of hug from those talk shows which are really
a pretense so that the host can whisper something into the guest’s ear
(anything from we’ve got less time to let’s start with xyz topic-because the
topics are defined in advance by the producer).
Watch some shows, you won’t see it every time but you’ll see it a few
times each week.  That’s exactly what I
saw in this exchange.  Sam said something
and Tony said something in return.  You
can’t see Sam’s mouth but you can tell where his face stops in relation to Tony’s
ear (Ear!) and how his facial muscles move.  Tony looked like he was
having the best time with Cree, of all three of them.   I also
agree with a comment that I saw when skimming that you hug someone (whether in
greeting or to be heard when speaking) if you haven’t seen them in a while.

Some seem unnecessarily concerned that Sam and Tony shared
actual physical space.  Why not?  As her assistant and hopefully someone who
looks out for her when Sam can’t be there, I bet Sam is grateful.  For agreeing to this farce, I bet Sam is
grateful.  It would even more awkward for
them if there was any animosity there.   I saw Sam greet Tony with a friendly hello and
handshake at the S2 premiere in the spring of 2015 (right before he crouched by
Cait’s side with a roving finger,  until
they got called to their seats.)  

I’m glad that Sam and Cait got this opportunity, whether on
their own merits or with a nudge from super LGF shareholder, John  Malone, whose company sponsored the
event.   I thought Sam looked great and I
actually liked Cait’s dress for a change even with the unnecessary 3D effect
(although Cait, enough of the Times Up accessory until you clean your own
house).  But the hair?  Good lord, how can they manage to take a
beautiful woman and give her such a bad hairstyle that ages her?  I was hoping she’d grow the bangs out but they
look like they got another chop.  I think
she looks her most beautiful with long flowing hair.

Not a bad night, really if you kept your initial
expectations level.   And that’s with a little
pumping foreplay by Sam and perhaps a reflexive arm on stage. 


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employer: so how do you like working here!

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