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dontbesodroopy: Judi Dench and Maggie Smith talk “Downton…


Judi Dench and Maggie Smith talk “Downton Abbey” – Nothing Like a Dame (2018)

Trixen: Master List of Sam/Cait fic



Hello! I was asked by a very sweet anon to do this, so here you go, whether you wanted it or not, beautiful people!

All Sam/Caitriona. All explicit / NSFW aka: good stuff contained therein. Listed here from the first I wrote, to the most recent.

This Drumbeat (Louder and Louder). 3/3, complete.
After pictures of Cait at Ferragamo appear online, Sam flies to New York. 

Storms Rage (This Heart is a Wild Thing) 15/15, complete.
Since the Golden Globes, things have been balancing on a razor wire for Sam and Caitriona. After Cannes, everything changes…

I Hear the Bells (this World’s on Fire) 8/?, not complete.
Sam and Cait meet on the Amalfi coast… for a reckoning.

Her (All Five Horizons Revolved Around) 1/1, complete.
Sam’s in a mood. Set at the 2016 Scottish BAFTAs, so y’all know why he’s in a mood. 

I Used to Live Alone (Before I Knew You) 5/5, complete.
It’s Christmas Eve in New York.

The Darkness (Find Me There) 3/3, complete.
During the hiatus after season 1A of Outlander, photos of Sam in LA pop up online. 5 months later, Sam and Caitriona meet. 

Through the Looking Glass 15/15, complete. Part of the Toujours Vous series.
this is what happened, from the beginning.

How Long is Forever? 4/15, not complete. Part of the Toujours Vous series.
sequel to ‘through the looking glass’. 

When We Were Young 1/1, complete. 
au revoir, and until we meet again.

Babe, We Ain’t Kids No More 1/3, not complete.
AU after the engagement announcement. “They keep saying they’ll stop…”



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She Came Prepared
The Daily Politics presenter was chatting to Charlotte and Henrietta about banning unhealthy food in schools.

She came for him

“well maybe when you were my age you were a dumb piece of shit”




that explains why his generation is working so hard to destroy the fucking planet

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