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Sam and Cait started out with this Outlander journey wanting to be loved by fans so badly so they could secure this job. They played up their interaction publicly for publicity. Guess they didn’t realize that all this playing up would cause many fans to ship them in real life. As a former SC shipper, I hate to see shippers being played. Things would definitely be different if they behaved with each other professionally from the very beginning. But it doesn’t matter anymore. They ARE fucked up.

It’s not just what they played up for publicity. That was easily discerned. There was plenty of stuff uncovered that we weren’t supposed to see. Then there is stuff they inexplicably showed us, including a fist and a cat from bed.

She’s lost her spark unless she’s with her walking partner. And she’s lost her ability to be relatable. That’s not good. People should either want to be her or hang with her. That woman in the magazine today is neither.

4gifs: Mind blown. [video]


Mind blown. [video]


latinaoutlanderfan: Oh cait… Really I wanted to keep being a fan but your contradictions are out of…


Oh cait…

Really I wanted to keep being a fan but your contradictions are out of control.

You give an interview in a wedding magazine issue and you can’t even garner any enthusiasm for your engagement? 🙄🙄

You say that fans don’t listen when you said from the beginning you weren’t together… sorry girl but that is a poor excuse for YOUR behavior with Sam 4 Years +. So let me make it easy for you. Stop sexual banter with your costar, stop peeing circles around him and stop having jealous rages like in SDCC 2017. All of them you did while you were engaged or in a relationship with your assistant who wishes to be a music producer and is none of that.

What do I believe? I believe Sam and you are together. Maybe at the very least on and off, that is why you get all prickly when he is not with you.

So after this pathetic excuse for an interview, please Cait loose the charade it really doesn’t suit you, and Sam keeping the fake gf away and dissapeared her has the best thing you have ever done keep it that way.

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IMO C is ‘selling’ the engagement, in the same way S ‘sold’ the fake ‘gf’ – they are both lies & both doing (did) very little to actually make them believable. I can see some peeps getting upset at the Tatler article & criticising C’s responses – I am baffled as to what she is supposed to do. Really sell it?? I think this underwhelming excitement for the wedding on her part is also a good long term strategy for the inevitable exit of the lie. I am WAY more fascinated by zero ring in pics.

The ring is kind of a nonissue for me.  It could have been left in a little dish on the makeup table just because it’s a photoshoot.  It is interesting though that the mark is still visible from where the gold band usually sits on her index finger.   I’m sad for her.  I fell in love with the old Cait…the one with the big smile and the infectious laugh that comes out of nowhere.  The one who is so passionate about everything she takes on.  The one who we see in old pictures curled up in every spare moment with a book, who reads and researches the most insidious aspects of any new role to really get a feel for the character.  She inspired me and that’s what made me love her and think what a great role model she is for us all.  Something to aspire to.   The new fans that this article is aimed at will never meet that girl.  Instead of the gorgeous rich colour she showed us four years ago, they get beige.  Flat beige.  This Cait takes on the subject of her chemistry with Sam, (yet again, and why?) and fluffs it off  as an afterthought.  ‘Oh that. yeah, we took a walk and decided to have each others backs’  Deja vu, anyone?  That walk was special.  It was cute at the time and meaningful.  Here it sounds like she’s shuffling that thing she has with Sam, which is one of the best parts of her,  off to the side.  The wedding?  Miss Research and Throw Yourself into Every Project really finds the whole process rather mundane so she hasn’t bothered to set aside time to deal with that, followed by the same old tall tales about the shy, successful music producer with zero social media presence.  (Can there even be such a thing?)  A guy of that description would never have captured the heart of the real Cait and it makes me so sad that what they’re wanting us to believe is that she is just another actress, granted one with a social conscience, but one who has settled for her Frank and might someday find the time to plan a wedding.  It feels like she’s sold out to the same industry she wears black to protest.  Meh….

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