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Everyone was moaning on about how stiff and sad Cait looked in the Tatler article but now the video is out and she looks her normal cheerful self after all at the shoot. So now are we to believe that she did enjoy that day, as she said, and is just fine chatting up her engagement? This changes things, doesn’t it?

Not for me. Not at all, except for the fact that I’m glad to see her old Cait smile in that clip. I think she’s very professional and I can get a feel for why she was so in demand as a model. She’s adorable. But this was the photo shoot. The interview was in print, written up by the interviewer. We don’t know that while she was ‘chatting up her engagement’ Cait wasn’t playing with her hair, twirling her gold band, looking up to the left, or wondering where they keep the scissors. If she was comfortable with this deal she wouldn’t have had People drop the bomb after everyone was inside and seated at the GGs so she didn’t have to gush over the ring and say His Name. She wouldn’t have disrespected him so badly at the TS premiere and countless other times, and she wouldn’t insult him by saying all she wants for her wedding is a small affair and a party for her friends but then can’t find time to fit it in. I’m just sad for her. No one knows what the whole story is of course but I will never believe that this is her dream come true. Even the interviewer commented on her chemistry with Sam and wondered how, after four years of such closeness and steamy interaction, you wouldn’t naturally develop some kind of relationship, and don’t tell me ‘We took a walk’ is the answer to that. For one thing, they could have walked to the moon and back and still not been able to override that chemistry we saw on their first meeting, and secondly, if that’s what does it then I think she’s taken one walk too many with her fiancé. The guy has only looked really excited twice since this all went down…once during his cameo in the December episode of Cait and the Gay Guys Visit Australia, and again on the night they told him that he could hug Sam and Cree. Other than that, when it’s looked like PDA might be involved, I can almost hear the moaning, like when Tina Belcher learns to drive. I’m sad for her and embarrassed too. I can imagine how I’d feel, mingling outside at the GGs, or standing posed dead centre at the Vanity Fair party,, thinking ‘I’m cool, I’m cool, I got this, Yeah, This is okay. I’m gonna be okay’, only to see the pictures later and see papa-tumblz floating along behind me, like getting photobombed by the black Spy vs Spy. I hate to nag but we would have had words.

andantegrazioso: Did my heart love till now? forswear it,…


Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.

| Romeo and Juliet

Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema

pissedoffsoka13: I don’t subscribe to heteronormative norms, hence I don’t find it perplexing that…


I don’t subscribe to heteronormative norms, hence I don’t find it perplexing that a woman is not that enthusiastic about a ring, engagement, or wedding/wedding prep and all that goes with the institution of marriage. Some people are just wired differently, have different politics and sense of belonging. What I do find intriguing in the case of Caitriona is how the lack of connection and comfort with the fiancé is made highly visible in public settings. Fans are not asking for her to perform romantic love in public; I’d think that such an outcome is, in part, a mind/body response to knowing someone so intimately. The mind/body sometimes responds subconsciously, hence intimate looks, gestures, touches and more. That we do not see them in that partnering and we see it with Sam (repeatedly) is what is causing confusion, anger, sadness, and just plain confusion.

Similarly, I don’t subscribe to social construction of femininity and masculinity. Hence, I don’t interpret a non-normative masculine performance (hair flipping, running with stick) as indicative of sexual identity. When one is desensitive to toxic masculinity, any other performances of masculinity become inscribed as non-heterosexuality. To put it plainly, I don’t think gestures and behaviors defines sexual identity and should not be reduced to such simplicity.

Having said all that, the human heart and human behavior are complex. We cannot unsee or unknow what have been displayed for public consumption by Sam and Caitriona for the past four years. Certain levels of intimacy can not be forced. Words don’t match their behavior. So many aspect of their interactions defy common explanation yet what they exhibit is not uncommon for lovers. Fans have been bullied and gaslighted and more because of such convoluted and irresponsible handling of their bond.

So here we are today, an injured fandom. Where do we go from here?

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