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The Guardian June 20, 2018 at 11:24PM

No bottomline when enforcing the law? Ripping families apart? Taking babies from the embrace of parents? Starting a baby concentration camp is defending the rule of law? from Facebook via IFTTT

AP June 20, 2018 at 11:03PM

Commies send dissidents to prisons and in 2018 the US is now taking babies from parents and keeping babies in jails. You win, Trump. from Facebook via IFTTT

Loss Ficlet: Girlfriend


This is Part 2 of @balfeheughlywed‘s request:

when was the first time they called each other my boyfriend/my
girlfriend to each other or someone else?

You can read the companion fic, where Claire calls Jamie her “boyfriend” for the first time here

Many thanks to @kkruml, as always, for helping me get things presentable to share with the class. 


was the most punctual person I had ever met.
It was like his internal clock was set ten minutes ahead of other peoples’ watches.

the Friday evening he intended to introduce me to John Grey (“tied with Ian as best friend, Sassenach”),
he was running spectacularly late.

was smug.  I was, in fact, probably a
touch more self-satisfied than deserved given the number of apologetic phone
calls and texts I had initiated in our short time together.

But for once I was not the tardy

Grey never said “hi” to me.  Rather, he
just interrupted my thoughts as he settled himself on the barstool next to me,
saying, “You are awfully pretty for that Viking fool.”

turned from my glass of wine (an ice
cold, almost too-sweet rosé
), brushing the chunk of hair that fell towards
my face behind my ear. John Grey in the flesh had a few years on the man in the
photograph kept on Jamie’s refrigerator, but he had the same chiseled jaw and Italian
designer perfume advertisement good looks. “You must be John.”

be,” he said, extending a hand and shaking mine. His accent was startlingly
like my own, but the London was woven in with something I could not quite place.

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I forgot about this moment when she trailed off like she was going to say something about Sam and Cait. Lolololllllll.

Deflecting Cait..l

What @yellowfeather84 said you can’t untoast the bread. This was April 2016, according to her she supposed to be dating someone else not Sam

@luvie75 Balfe 🤥





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