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emmakillian: Is it usual, what it is between us when I touch…


Is it usual, what it is between us when I touch you, when you lie with me? Is it always so between a man and a woman? It’s often something like this. But no, this isn’t usual. It’s different.


“Honestly, I am surprised that question was asked / chosen in the first place. Realistically, I don’t see what she could have done…” Why would you be surprised though, given she sold the “exclusive” to People and has allowed the question numerous times in interviews but still never named the lucky man? She should expect this now that she’s opened it up for public consumption. I’m not trying to criticize but I’m really tired of fans being blamed for everything. Why so evasive? Name him already

Hi ! 

If you could not already tell by my previous answer, to me, the ring incident is rather insignificant and does not change anything. 

With that being said. 

You are right, C. did sell her engagement to People. So naturally, whether it is real or not, it makes it a ‘’ fact ‘’ and not a ‘’ rumour ‘’. Judging from the way it was handled, it was never really just a rumour. This is the story about her ‘’ private life ‘’ that is currently being sold, and there is a purpose to it. You cannot be a celebrity and not have a ‘’ private life ‘’ available to the public. You must be able to sell something outside of your career, that is the sad reality. Perhaps she hasn’t found her footing yet.

Fans obviously can’t be blamed for everything. They are a spectator of something, and will react to what is said and presented. I have always said that to me, the biggest part of the problem resides in the fact that there is a lack of coherence and mixed messages were sent.

Is it really a decent strategy to not offer a simple thank you to someone for a congratulations? You can’t claim privacy when you brought the story to People, etc etc. To not show common courtesy in acknowledging well wishes only makes the whole thing seem fishier IMO.

See, I have different thoughts about bringing the story to People.  That was a way to get it out there, big and fast.  It had a purpose that we can guess at but don’t know.

  Most people who read People don’t understand how things work in Hollywood and how that was 100% publicist-fed, etc.  General public other than core, intense fandom won’t even remember.  General public doesn’t read obscure Irish publications or summaries of fan conventions in Las Vegas on Wimbledon/World Cup weekend while the US is in turmoil. Step out of the shipper bubble.

It’s a decent strategy because saying thank you leaves the door open for a follow-up question that she really may not want to answer, especially if she can’t answer truthfully.

I see in some of the comments some fans are questioning whether the people mag announcement was actually sold. Some think people just picked it up on their own because it was so small and thrown together. IMO, cait is not that big of a star to warrant people mag picking it up on their own. And she and her people gave the sound bite? Could it have been their own article and not sold?

It was 100% publicist fed. Whether or not they got money for it is irrelevant to me. They weren’t doing it for the money. Debating that part is a waste of time, IMO.

People Magazine published it with very junior level writers so they didn’t see it as much of a scoop.

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