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catsbeaversandducks: This Aquarium Picks The Naughtiest Penguin…


This Aquarium Picks The Naughtiest Penguin Of The Month

We thought that cats were absolutely shameless creatures but it turns out that penguins are no better either. 

Photos by National Aquarium of New Zealand – Via Bored Panda

becausebirds:Boy hugs chicken is back! This time the boy has a…

becausebirds:Boy hugs chicken is back! This time the boy has a haircut and the chicken doubts if she has the right boy. [watch video]

why is there no electricity after the apocalypse?



something people writing post-apocalyptic fiction always seem to forget is how extremely easy basic 20th century technology is to achieve if you have a high school education (or the equivalent books from an abandoned library), a few tools (of the type that take 20 years to rust away even if left out in the elements), and the kind of metal scrap you can strip out of a trashed building.

if you want an 18th century tech level, you really need to somehow explain the total failure of humanity as a whole to rebuild their basic tech infrastructure in the decade after your apocalypse event.

i am not a scientist or an engineer, i’m just a house husband with about the level of tech know-how it takes to troubleshoot a lawn mower engine, but i could set up a series of wind turbines and storage batteries for a survivor compound with a few weeks of trial and error out of the stuff my neighbors could loot from the wreckage of the menards out on highway 3. hell, chances are the menards has a couple roof turbines in stock right now. or you could retrofit some from ceiling fans; electric motors and electric generators are the same thing, basically.

radio is garage-tinkering level tech too. so are electric/mechanical medical devices like ventilators and blood pressure cuffs. internal combustion’s trickiest engineering challenge is maintaining your seals without a good source of replacement parts, so after a few years you’re going to be experimenting with o-rings cut out of hot water bottles, but fuel is nbd. you can use alcohol. you can make bio diesel in your back yard. you can use left-over cooking oil, ffs.

what i’m saying is, we really have to stop doing the thing where after the meteor/zombies/alien invasion/whatever everyone is suddenly doing ‘little house on the prairie’ cosplay. unless every bit of metal or every bit of knowlege is somehow erased, folks are going to get set back to 1950 at the most. and you need to account somehow for stopping them from rebuilding the modern world, because that’s going to be a lot of people’s main life goal from the moment the apocalypse lets them have a minute to breathe.

nobody who remembers flush toilets will ever be content with living the medieval life, is what i’m saying. let’s stop writing the No Tech World scenario.

Also, like, you can loot a Bunnings – or even a camping goods store – and get your hands on a couple of portable solar panels. 

Not that I’ve given this a lot of thought, but come the apocalypse, I know exactly which sections of the local hardware superstore to hit for necessary supplies, from generators to solar lights to fruit and veg seedlings. 

outlanderskin: “A male penguin searches an entire beach for the…


“A male penguin searches an entire beach for the “perfect pebble” to lay at the feet of his chosen female penguin”

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