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Im not even sure I think this is PR driven. I think US weekly was looking at the hot thing of the week and cobbled a click bait article together. Sometimes these things are for no reason other than the magazine looking for $$

Maybe. Maybe not. I do think it was PR driven, mainly for the following reasons:

1) The article referred to Mackenzie as a „North Carolina native“ instead of an actress, and without linking her name back to any additional articles from the past, essentially making new fans and casual readers read her name and move on without questioning or checking the questionable story behind it.

2) It didn’t claim that her and Sam were dating at any point in time, the rumor („linked to“) was only briefly mentioned in one sentence.

3) March was specifically mentioned as the end of the dating rumors revolving around Sam and Mackenzie. That detail is so interesting to me because a) it wasn‘t really official – we all thought she was gone by then, but a lot of people were still very much convinced they were still going strong up until last week, even though they hadn‘t seen each other in ages (lol), so where would they have the info from? And b) because mentioning March makes it look as though Sam had been single for at least 4 months before the new dating rumors in regards to him and Amy came up. Which obviously nips cheating rumors in the bud.

In short, all of this points towards someone trying to remove the stain that the infamous fauxmance between Sam and the NC native left on his image and polish it up instead. Also, as you may tell from my answer, I don‘t really think this has a lot to do with pushing Amy as the new fake gf as opposed to pushing the old one off the stage for good.

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