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Do you think Sam and Caitriona follow the same PR script? Cait fans think it’s inappropriate of Sam to say publically he loves Cait and it’s disrespectful. Do you think he puts her in those situations without asking her and they have fights because of it or she doesn’t mind what he tweets? I don’t understand their professional relationship. Plus, isn’t it ugly that Sam is selling him in this pathetic way?


Well in all fairness, I don’t think it’s disrespectful. My friends don’t stop loving me, even when I am in a relationship. As I have said before I don’t believe, even for a little second, that Sam would keep doing something that he knew would upset Caitriona, only for the sake of his career. In reality, it would not even be a good strategy and I don’t know a lot of people who would go forward for it.

( Only rarely do I answer these type of question, but felt like it 🙃 )

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sam is not pathetic 

So you are a secret shipper. Shame on you for disrespecting Caitriona’s fiance like that. She doesn’t like Sam, she can’t stand it and he isn’t at her level. Stop staying disrespectful things about the man Caitriona loves – Tony.

Good morning to you too 

Loss (Act II), Part Five


Part Five was a labor of love and I have some folks who deserve some props. @sassenachwaffles​ was the first to read and then helped me push it across the finish line on a second reading. She read it with a bottle of Fireball in hand. @notevenjokingfic​ was next. When I was deep in second guessing myself and this entire JAMMF first person narration, she walked me through it. Her suggestions and thoughts helped me get Jamie’s voice as close to right as possible. @kkruml​, as usual, helped me find what makes sense in my mad brain but does not work in black and white. 

In part inspired by @gotham-ruaidh‘s Writing Workshop (Week 25: “and slept”).

TW: Jamie is mangled. If injuries bother you, best to skip this installment.

Loss: Act I and ficlets

Loss: Act II: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Loss: Act II
Part Five – The Story (Jamie’s Point of View)

There had been a moment in which I had appreciated that I
was going to fall before it happened.

Even before I took that last bloody step, I had known the
ground would give way.

I just knew.

Something about the dull, loose grinding of gravel beneath my shoes told

I heard my internal Jiminy Cricket say, ‘This
is not right, Fraser…

The sensation of emptiness replaced sure-footedness.  

The realization that I was falling, not flying, rose up into
my guts and swept the air from my lungs.

It was as if holding the breath would make the fall hurt
less or do less damage.

In the moment, I reconciled myself with gravity’s betrayal of my body.  

The air could not hold me even though it felt thick around
me, attempting to fight the pull of earth and whipping my clothes tight to my

And just like that, it was over –– a few helpless moments that
passed like entire centuries and that also like no time at

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accardi1921: They both played this scene so well. It is one of…


They both played this scene so well. It is one of the best!

Earth at risk of entering ‘hothouse’ state from which there is no return, scientists warn August 07, 2018 at 01:59PM

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This is fucking me up right now


I am not emotionally involved in this situation.
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