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brookbooh: aww so cute

aww so cute

beachbrotha: white-lives-dont-matter: Now send the gold and…



Now send the gold and jewels back


dawwwwfactory:The cutest thing i have ever seen Click here for…

dawwwwfactory:The cutest thing i have ever seen
Click here for more adorable animal pics!

Do you find it unusual that Cait has not acknowledged her movie role in any way, not when it was announced with a RT of article or now with a ‘off to shoot a movie’. Only a thanks to DG when she congrats her. When her & Sam’s roles were announced at the same time, thought both would make a big deal, Sam did his but Cait no. I wasn’t here when she got the MM movie so maybe it’s the same m.o. as with that movie. Seems odd to me (but if Cait wasn’t on SM, she wouldn’t acknowledge it either). Thanks

If it weren’t Cait, I would definitely think it was odd. But her SM activity and fan interaction is so limited and sporadic that her lack of movie promotion (for anything other that Sam’s projects) doesn’t surprise me at all.

I wish she were more open and engaging. From fan reports, she is in person. However, she has not carried that over into SM. That is something I think she would be wise to change.

A more consistent and approachable digital presence can serve to open more doors for her professionally as producers, directors, casting directors, networks, and studios turn more and more often to SM and the online community. A strong SM brand and following can often be the deciding factor on hires. That isn’t going to go away. Right now, artists with power and clout can say, “No, I don’t do SM”. But that does not apply to every actor, nor will it always be the case. If she cannot muster the desire to be authentic online then she would be savvy to have someone doing it for her full time. She limiting herself by disappearing and reappearing. She is “online”, but only for specific promotions and causes. One of her biggest ones seems to be to support and love up on Sam.

jules-fraser: This screams “Prince Jamie & His Principessa”…


This screams “Prince Jamie & His Principessa” engagement shoot to me, I’m not sorry.

tastefullyoffensive: (via bertiebertthepom)


(via bertiebertthepom)

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