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themusicsweetly: “Caitriona is such a beautiful girl. I mean,…


“Caitriona is such a beautiful girl. I mean, besides being such a sweetheart – she’s a friend of mine – she’s just got this amazing energy, and such beautiful lines and features. She’s just perfect for this.”

~ James Houston on Caitriona Balfe, “The Making of Natural Beauty

What’s the deal with the Irish Mirror story? PR plant like the US Weekly one last week? My head is spinning.

Whether it is about SC or anyone else, I don’t think these kind of “ articles “ are to be trusted and applauded ( even if they are coming from an official team ).

owlnguava: Just watched The Spy Who Dumped MeI thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s nothing deep but a good…


Just watched The Spy Who Dumped Me

I thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s nothing deep but a good laugh. Judging from the reaction of others in the cinema, they agree!

Here in Hong Kong, the official release date for TSWDM is August 23 but they’re having advanced screenings this weekend. The one I went to was a full house! Perhaps because it was a rainy Saturday afternoon and the busiest movie theatre in town, but in any case I was pleasantly surprised.

The film met my expectations of being an action comedy. As others have pointed out, it’s rather violent and the body count is huge! Kate is hilarious. I hardly knew her and I bet the audience too but it doesn’t matter. She made us laugh throughout!

As for the action, I’d say it is above average, and that’s a high mark coming from me. I grew up on Jackie Chan movies (as much as I dislike him) before he went Hollywood. In fact I just said to my friend last week that we hadn’t seen a new car chase in 20 years. But a bunch of young guys were talking about a jumping off something scene as they left so I guess it’s not too shabby. Clearly they are much younger than me and easily impressed :)

Also overheard a man saying “they did whatever they want!” and his wife replied “it’s just for laughs”.

My sister knows I watch Outlander but didn’t know that was the Outlander guy. She said that when he came on, you just knew the super handsome guy was the leading man, not Drew! Poor Justin. Sam really lit up the screen and caught all the eyeballs. He did a good job with the role. Agree with others about the lack of chemistry with Mila. Or perhaps I should say normal chemistry? If I didn’t know how he is with Cait, I wouldn’t even think about it. It’s not the point of the movie and they aren’t awkward.

All in all I’m happy for Sam. It was a good first mainstream movie role. I didn’t see Jamie at all but a star in the making. I’ll keep an eye on the reviews here. Apart from Hollywood movies, we have other Asian and local films competing for bums on seats but it’s the only comedy being shown this month, so it’s got a certain pull factor. Hope it does well!

freshmoviequotes: Before Sunrise (1995)


Before Sunrise (1995)

cait00: #caitrionabalfe “Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious…


“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, 
Who is already sick and pale with grief, 
That thou her maid art far more fair than she…

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