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“My mom
has 5 sets of china (don’t ask) and put them in her pool prior to being
evacuated from fires in northern California. The dishware survived!”

Mom priorities

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1. To quote an old engineering proverb: “If it looks stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.”

2. I love that the two lawn chairs are in there too.


Before I scrolled for context this picture looked like some surreal-ass modern art I didn’t get

I don’t get why people in this fandom are up in arms about Caitriona attending a spa day event and getting free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff, even celebs. I was at a casino over the weekend and people were shoving and punshing each other over a free umbrella. I know an umbrella is a little different then what Cait received, but I’m if you’ve got money to drop at a casino, I’m sure you could afford an umbrella. Let the woman live her life.

Its a quid pro quo. Potential advertising for companies providing the swag and maybe endorsement or “face of xyz company for celeb. And she networked. Who knows she could have hated it if she’s shy in crowds.

I think it’s a minor perk for giving up some of your privacy and getting judged 24 x 7. I think it’s simply that most fans live typical lives and they use that filter when looking at this. And it’s just not valid to do that.

While I’m on the topic of yesterday’s event, Just Jared covers that event every year. They weren’t there just for Cait. Her team may have tipped them off that she was there so the photographer assigned to cover the event made sure to get some shots since they likely don’t know her by sight. But you notice they didn’t mention her personal life…

I don’t get why they didn’t mention her movie. The filming is not a secret.

But she really, really needs to step up her social media game. Even a little goes a long way.

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