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astroloo: positive-memes: What would you do ? id fucking smooch…


What would you do ?
id fucking smooch her beautiful moo-moo forehead the fuck do you mean what would i do

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Chapter 5

The Found

“Every culture has superstitions,” Uncle Lamb explained over dinner.  “Doesn’t mean you have to believe them, but you do have to consider them in your research.”

“But you said facts only,” young Claire reminded him as she tore another chunk of bread from the loaf.

“Put your mind to the Culture, Girl.  Think like your subjects.  What is fantasy to us, is fact to them.  Their gods, their beliefs, their rituals.  If they don’t perform them, then what may happen is seen in that context, as a sign or a punishment,” Uncle Lamb pointed an arthritic finger at her, “Fact.”

“I’ll never be a good archaeologist,” moaned Claire.

“You, Girl, will be one of the best.  I know it.”  Uncle Lamb smiled softly, reaching across to squeeze her hand.  “Your parents would be proud.”

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(Anon, I hope you don’t mind me addressing the point of your ask here instead of posting it separately – this post should provide an answer.)

I’ve seen a lot of good posts and discussions on this topic, regarding various aspects about it. My own two cents:

  • I feel extremely bad for everyone who was planning to go to NJ and/or Chicago and now doesn’t get to see Sam and Caitriona.
  • I’m tired of seeing fans or fan groups trying to tell other fans how to feel or fan. „True fans don’t need apologies“ – if you typed or even thought these words, you should be deeply, DEEPLY ashamed of yourself.
  • Sam and Caitriona are the leads of this show. If people only go to these cons because they want to see and meet them, it’s neither surprising nor a bad thing. It’s actually totally normal. Being disappointed when they cancel is normal, too. Supporting actors who play secondary characters are exactly that. To most fans, they are a nice but unnecessary addition to the con line-up as long as the leads are there, but they can’t replace the leads and simply aren’t enough for most people to still be excited about the con (especially not if they’re being rude and disrespectful, such as a certain male supporting actor, but that’s another story). (Note: I’m not saying this applies to everyone).
  • In my opinion, Sam and Caitriona shouldn’t sign up for cons that take place during Outlander hiatus anymore. As Sam’s booking agent said, „his star is rising“, and it is to be expected that he’ll use the time away from the Outlander set to do other projects with unreliable filming schedules. It would be fine if he had to cancel every now and then, but it literally happens all the time. It’s not his fault, but by signing him up, knowing that he probably won’t make it in the end, his agent makes him look terrible. Same goes for Caitriona. Movie projects are more important than cons, I get that, but then simply don’t sign up anymore.
  • Canceling a con appearance one day before it starts is a total no go. A week beforehand is not much better.
  • The way it’s being addressed or the lack thereof makes me sick. Sam at least had the decency to apologize in a way that seemed sincere and genuine. I really believe he’s sorry, not because of the money, but because he really hates letting people down. He’s a people pleaser by nature and certainly feels uncomfortable AF in this situation. And even though the Skype thing is kind of ridiculous and not thought through (can’t wait to see how they’re going to pull that off…lol), it shows that he’s at least trying. Caitriona, on the other hand – girl! Do something! Say something! FFS. She wasn’t even included in that video. Her team is making all the wrong decisions lately, it’s honestly painful to watch. Ugh!
  • Don’t get me started on the Thursday appearance.
  • I’m glad Sam addressed the visa issue. At least now people can’t hate on him for not going to the US this weekend, even though he’s not in SA yet – he’s simply stuck in Scotland without a passport.
  • This fandom makes me want to throw up more often than not.

Balfe 2018 is so weird

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The 山 of Music where 2022 Winter Olympics is

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融资2.5亿的国产浏览器之光,竟然只是谷歌浏览器换了层皮? August 17, 2018 at 09:30AM

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