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But if she was, in fact, still trying to get there as of 3am this morning (which would already be 6 am on the east coast), she wouldn’t really be “days” late, would she? We don’t know when she found out her schedule changed, do we? And if if her apology is hours late – it’s really only owed to the NJ con attendees, not the public in general via SM. In this fandom, I fear, nothing is ever enough when it concerns CB. (And as for signing up for a con-never! I don’t like crowds or long lines.)

She wouldn’t have been days late but I still think her explanation was. Something should have been said as soon as they realized she’d have to cancel. Then, if you think there’s a small chance you might catch a flight and make it for a portion of the weekend, say that. Keep us in the loop. Don’t make time time to retweet random unrelated messages while you wait to find out what’s happening and when you realize it’s a no go…don’t go home to bed without taking the extra ten minutes and sending off your apology. I love Cait. Don’t get me wrong. But I think she’s only human and she sucks at SM, and, for the hundredth time today…Where’s her team?

Caitriona on the New Jersey Con




D’ya think she’s read tumblr? She answered every point. Someone’s lurking

I love their teamwork. She couldn’t have done this without Sam and he cheered her on the whole way

rainmanjdog: socmomofthree: valkyrie1969: Disappointment and OpticsA lot of us are expressing…




Disappointment and Optics

A lot of us are expressing disappointment in our problematic faves this week, and you can only be disappointed by something that didn’t live up to your hopes and expectations. I think we as a group are generally people who hold ourselves to high standards of integrity, honesty, and concern for others, this means we generally expect the same of others. But our disappointment with Sam and Cait seems to go deeper than that. Why?

What attracted many of us to them was that they seemed so unguarded when the first OL interviews started appearing in 2014. I saw genuine excitement – a nearly palpable “pinch me” kind of amazement at finally achieving their dreams of getting a great acting job. In addition, they came across as rather well-spoken and witty, with self-deprecating humor that isn’t always present in the Hollywood leading men and women. I was impressed that they enthusiastically shared their personal interests (well, Sam anyway) and that they both supported charities as relative nobodies. (It chaps my hide when you see Hollywood types picking up a charity to bolster their image once they are famous when they clearly didn’t care before.) Sam and Cait seemed to walk the talk.

This is why it stings so much to see them “going Hollywood.” At some level I saw them as underdogs, coming to fame honestly through hard work, and I was rooting for them to stay sincere. They espouse positive qualities when describing their characters and I believe people notice traits in others that are important to them and reflect their own values.

To now see them actively playing into the Hollywood PR machine hurts. It makes us doubt our initial impression of them as grounded and sincere people. Maybe we wonder if they were underhanded all along and playing innocent to gain our interest. It’s a case of cognitive dissonance, where our initial image of them still holds at some level but then we see them acting in a way that is opposite.

2014 Sam: *says he has to get the fuck out of Hollywood after a couple of weeks*

2016-7 Sam: *cozies up to one of the biggest assholes in Hollywood; does multiple pap walks and staged appearances with unemployed “actress”*

2015-16 Cait: “I’m kind of a private person”; “some things are just for me”

2018 Cait: *debuts fake engagement through a paid People Magazine exclusive at the Golden Globes, thus taking the spotlight off her talent; does pap walk in Dublin and gets roasted on Irish twitter because no one knows who she is*

Cait comes across worse because she seems to have a bigger swing of the pendulum from preaching about ending plastic use to getting herself papped at a Hollywood swag party on a day when she was originally supposed to be at a fan event. Sure, you can argue that attending a Hollywood party is working, but the optics of it are all wrong. If she was seen entering a film set or leaving an interview we wouldn’t be so disgusted. Sam is guilty of playing the Hollywood game as well, but he comes across as more relatable – possibly because he’s not so preachy on SM and still seems like an excited puppy at times when he’s on a red carpet or doing an interview. He lets us in to his personality a little bit. Even if their teams are pulling the strings relative to signing them up for events for which their availability is “iffy” at best, they could do more to bring us along on their journey – dropping hints that their current projects are undergoing some schedule upheaval, making sure that we see them at what we would interpret as working instead of playing, and using those teams to “read the room” and avoid coming across as tone-deaf on SM. Both of them need to wise up – quickly – because their fan base is smarter than average and became invested in them because they seemed to operate outside of the typical Hollywood sphere.

Optics are part of the game in any line of work. When I start my day at one of our plants instead of at headquarters, I don’t saunter into the office at 10:30 with a fancy coffee in hand looking relaxed – people who don’t have the kind of job I do don’t know that I’ve been working since dawn because they can’t SEE it. If I come in with rolled up flip chart pages under my arm, that signals that I’ve just come from leading a workshop. Optics. Sam and Cait need to avoid posting beach selfies even if they spent hours being interviewed and were excited to get an hour to themselves. If they are lucky enough to snag an invite to a pampering party and are showered with thousands of dollars worth of product, they shouldn’t arrange to have paparazzi photos published before the caterers have finished clearing away the champagne flutes. THINK. 👏 ABOUT. 👏 THE OPTICS. 👏 Post a selfie looking tired while reading a script. Mention how humbled you are that your PR team was able to book you on a national talk show. Be candid about the things on your schedule and express gratitude for getting to live your dream. Share a little about your mundane every day life.

Look, Sam and Cait owe us nothing outside of a great performance in Outlander and they will make mistakes – at their core they are just people, like any of us. We have a right to express our disappointment at the perceived hypocrisy of those we hoped were different. But they can do better relative to optics to help manage our perceptions.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

All of this! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • @valkyrie1969 – I always tell people how funny you are. But, you are very wise and empathetic as well. TBH, I’m having a very difficult time over this right now. Especially, in regards to Caitriona. I’m so bitterly disappointed in her right now. If she had to cancel and regardless of the reason(s), I can’t think of a single reason why she would not at least try to issue the semblance of an apology in SM. It takes literally two minutes – tops! Will she receive flack regardless? Yes. Is it too little too late ? (Well, NOW? It’s too late. Sam’s was as well, but I do believe he at least does feel guilt.). She is either ashamed, proud and doesn’t want to acknowledge it, or doesn’t give a $hit. I just am praying and hoping it isn’t #3 because, as you said, the OPTICS are horrible right now. I HATE apologizing when I really mess up at first. Especially, when it was out of my control and, well, I am a Taurus! Sam said he loved Jamie because “keeping your word and making an oath meant something back then.” Well, kids, here is where the rubber meets the road. Your OPTICS SUCK right now.

Any thoughts on why Cait hasn’t issued a statement on canceling/ rescheduling the cons yet? Do you think she’s that terrified of the backlash she will get?

Your guess is as good as mine.  Backlash?  She’s almost 40 and has succeeded in two tough industries.  She can handle it.

Time to put on her big girl pants and do the right thing (whether it is her or a her team posing as her). 

Backlash will  have longer term consequences if she does nothing, IMO.  It’s not like she has a ton of good will/equity with the majority of fans who only know her through social media or interviews.

The opposite of love is indifference and that’s fatal in the entertainment industry.

Your input is always calm and logical mama-T. Any thoughts on what’s going on with Cait?

Damned if I know.  I don’t believe Cait is aloof or ungrateful or as unfeeling as what I’m seeing today though.  I believe she does care.  I believe her when she said her parents raised her to be a citizen of the world and I believe the accounts I’ve read and heard from fans who have met her and say how sweet and personable she is.   I also believe what she said ages ago about how bad she is at social media.  This isn’t the first time her posts have seemed totally random and oblivious to what’s going on down here in Fanville.  I also think she has a bit of social anxiety when she’s in a crowd situation.  Maybe not as much in mingly type crowds as those where she’s alone, front and center.  She seems better in small groups, but we’ve all seen how she reacts when she feels cornered.

Having said all that, an apology or a statement of any kind right now (or sooner) would not be a reaction to something some one person has said or a spur of the moment lashing out.  It would be thought out and proactive, and her issuing such a statement would not be like you or me agonizing all by ourselves over how to answer an awkward email or Tweet.  She has people for that.  So where is her team?  Where is the genius who told her that she needed to get her ass through the GG red carpet interviews and into her seat away from prying press because her engagement announcement was going to be released by People?  Where is the Einstein who fed the picture of her ring and placed it in the same league as Princess Diana’s or Grace Kelly’s and then told her that if anyone mentioned the grand event she should either  ignore them and walk away or touch her hair and exclaim ‘God no!’   Whoever these peope are, is this the new image they are really selling?  Because it’s not Cait.  It’s not who she is and she’s not good at it

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