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stevn-rogers:Friends: relatable edition

stevn-rogers:Friends: relatable edition

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About Scotland and Supermarkets

Once upon a time a couple went on a tour in Scotland and couldn’t get back home on the scheduled date. They had to stay more days . During the troubles to get a new flight they met a middle aged man ,who was also solving something related to his clients and helped them. Then they discovered that they were staying in the same hotel and that the man was tour guide in Scotland and lives is Glasgow.

During the dinner the man told the couple that he was doing tours about Jacobites, Clan’s history and sometimes Outlander Tour, but lately he was having problems with Outlander Tour, because some women bought the tour, but they didn’t really want to know where the scenes took place, they wanted to meet Sam Heughan. Some asked him to take them to Sam’s residence and it made him terrified because he had to explain that he is a tour guide and not a celebrity hunter.

He also told the couple that he would never invade the actors’ personal lives in search of pictures for his clients. And told that at least three times he had met the leaders actors, but they were doing normal things from day to day. And just one time he almost asked Sam an autograph for his wife. It was on one occasion that he saw Sam in the supermarket and went to the parking lot. But then he saw “Claire” in the car and Sam probably forgot to buy something, because he talked to her, left the bags in the car and went back to the market again. So the man decided not bother them. He also said that people in Scotland are not too focused on chasing celebrities and asking for photos, unless the famous person is a Rugby player.

The couple piously believes what this man said because he is a middle-aged gentleman, a good professional, an ethical person and wouldn’t lie. He is just a normal man who can’t even imagine what many people would be able to do if they saw the actors in those situations.

Btw the travel couple is very happy to know that the two leading actors of Outlander are still free to shop at a supermarket in Scotland. 😎

PS #BelieveWhatYouWant

Thankyou @outlanderskin!  I love this.    Just a random sighting of two people doing what people do every day. No tall tales of PDA or how sweet they are together or how I wanted to take a picture but my phone had died.  Some stories warrant a ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’, but then there are stories like this.  No fanfare, no drama, nothing to be gained from the telling.  I know what I believe

Uxorious 👏🏼👏🏼 @vitaldust

This story happened in May 2018👊🏻👊🏻

From Cait Q/A

Sam eats what Cait made

Both loves Avocados

This is my go-to story when I feel in need of reassurance about SC. What could be more revealing of their true relationship than being seen doing mundane tasks like grocery shopping together.

time for a reblog of this amazing telling anecdote.

I want to go to the Balfe Heughan’s for dinner.

For another angle, let’s consider Cait’s comment about how she has started cooking her own meals more often (than eating out). But where is the other SO (Tony) who could have been cooking for her after she just worked a 14 hour day?

Reblog because of @dillon7fan receipts 🌮🌯🥗🥣🥙🥘🍲


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jamie and claire + talking about Faith in season three

I LOVE that Faith was brought up so many times in S3. I hope they continue to do so, throughout the rest of the series. Don’t let that angel be forgotten 💔❤


itstandybowen:kate strucker in season 1 -> 1.12 eXtraction


kate strucker in season 1 -> 1.12 eXtraction

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