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To all my cons anons




I appreciate you think my opinion actually matters. As I commented already, both Sam and Cait should be ashamed, they screwed up big time. Sam waited two weeks to say something and the same day Cait cancelled (1 day BEFORE the actual con). I don’t see her getting a lot of hate about it. Maybe that was the reason Sam issued an apology that particular day. Nice coincidence, right?

Chicago is even a bigger mess – Cait will go on a day most fans won’t be there, and Sam will be there via Skype lolololol. 

My opinion – they should’ve cancelled all cons in May when it became a public knowledge they’d landed movies roles. Period.


I agree with all of this except for two things. First, I wouldn’t call it “hate.” I would call it blow-back and the repercussions of allowing scheduling conflicts to affect innocent people. Secondly, Cait is getting a lot of blow-back as well. The problem just seems to be that, for the most part, Sam can post a couple of gym pictures and all is forgiven. (And, he is I think at five cancelled cons now in the last four years. That is s pretty crappy track record.)

100% agree with you when they should have cancelled. That would have been the right thing thing to do. Problem is, if indeed networks are the ones really pushing for some of these cons, they wouldn’t have filled the con with the bard singer, Scott Kyles and, unfortunately, not even Sophie or Rik. So…..I think there is plenty if wrong-doing all-around.

What bothers me is when you have a teenage child or young adult, it’s usually not a good idea to interfere with them bearing the results of some of their mistakes. Or, when a spouse continues to enable an alcoholic spouse. It doesn’t help anyone. This fandom has a way of not letting Sam or Cait “be human.” They are either gods or queens and treated as such (and innocent people are scolded for feeling hurt and disappointed in them), or they are vilified to the point every movement is wrong. It’s the ridiculous fawning over them on Twitter when people are voicing their disappointment that just kills me. I believe their apologies were sincere, but that doesn’t put the thousands of dollars back into people’s wallets, or take the bitter disappointment away. It’s especially bad when it’s women who have “met” them a dozen times scolding ones who haven’t simply for voicing their anger. Sorry, Sam voiced his anger over the rental place.

I totally hikacked your post!!! I’m sorry! This is going to take awhile for some fans to move from. TBH, some may not and the shine on “that star” or “halo” may be permanently tarnished. My hope is that both of them learn from this, take it as an extremely valuable lesson that their commitments MATTER to their fans every bit as a film schedule and the rest of the fandom will learn to let people think, process and feel “differently” from them because we are all DIFFERENT.

Again, sorry I hikacked!

rainmanjdog: “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” — Carl Jung (via fyp-psychology)


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Carl Jung
(via fyp-psychology)

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