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most graceful archery in history

she’s beauty 👏 she’s grace 👏 she’ll shoot you in the face👏

Where is her million dollar shampoo endorsement deal

aliciadanvrs:“Wesley, I am totally drunk-faced.”


“Wesley, I am totally drunk-faced.”

Was Cait even there? We saw her with Sam outside the party and at the pre-wrap party- party, but was she actually celebrating with the rest of the cast and crew at the actual party? How come no one ever takes pics of/with her? Does she refuse? We know for a fact she’s often with him at events, parties, private functions or traveling, so why do people never take pics of her? It would be nice to see her among others, be it colleagues/friends or fans. I think it would make her seem more relatable.

Hi Anon.

Yes, of course Caitriona was at the party. We have photos of her at the pre-wrap party which was right after they finished shooting and at the actual wrap party with Sam (Marina and Sophie as well).

As for your other question, I have no idea. It could be that she doesn’t want to be photographed. Or tends to stay in areas that it’s not easy to photograph?

We know she takes the time to meet with fans when she can (she even took fan photos after running a marathon!), but often times she herself says she just isn’t recognized. We know they both can EASILY stay under the radar when they want to.

Or maybe it’s just that people always want to photograph Sam because they think he’s the only person fans are interested in

(to these people: HE’S NOT)

and he’s what will get them likes / views / clicks. Or maybe it’s just that there are loads of pictures of her and the only ones that get released are Sam’s for this same reason.

Either way, I don’t see why it would make her more or less “relatable”. Do you know what makes her relatable to me? When she calls herself “schleppy” and thinks she’s scruffy in her day-to-day life. When she constantly applauds the cast and crew when she reaches any acting award or achievement. When she stands at the doorway when a break is called and hands out water bottles to all the hard working extras. When she never misses a chance to support her friends’ projects. When she goes to see Sam’s movie multiple times to support his first true big screen project. When she giggles like a five year old over a double entendre. When she dances like the dork she knows she is. When she tears up talking about the things she saw in Ghana. Or when laughs at her own jokes because did I mention she’s a dork?

So while I would love to see more photos of her, and her and Sam, released I don’t think that should be the mark of whether she’s relatable or not. It’s not like whether we see those photos or not is up to her anyway.

Thanks for dropping by, Anon.

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Interesting what you discover by chance through research…

As I began to sift through hundreds of 18th century portraits, look what I happened across :

Mmmmm, I thought, that outfit looks very familiar

The portrait, by English painter Robert Feke dates from 1746.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Terry Dresbach used this painting as direct inspiration for Claire’s dress from the Parisian portion of Season 2. The details are too close for coincidence, even down to the very colours used.

Wow, almost an exact match!

That is amazing @outlanderedandoverhere ! A match all the way down to the gold braided ribbon – they didn’t imply that they were Original Designs, did they?

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