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I hate Freud.

His whole weird theory about penis envy and children being sexually attracted to their parents and secret desires and all that shit actually came straight out of an attempt to ally himself with wealthy and influential rapists and was a direct form of victim blaming.

He had started the research looking into “hysteria” which at the time was really usually referring to women’s symptoms of PTSD. It turned out that the reason so many woman had these symptoms is because so many of them had experienced sexual violence– especially CSA and incest at the hands of their fathers. 

At first he was making real progress, and it was through working with these women that he discovered that talk therapy could be used to treat trauma. The symptoms of PTSD were lessened when women were able to safely speak about their experiences out loud and be believed. 

But it wasn’t the women who paid for the therapy. It was their fathers, husbands, the same men who were perpetuating the violence in the first place. And Freud didn’t want to validate his patients (the women) if it meant making his clients (the men) unhappy.

So he came up with a new idea. These symptoms weren’t from trauma. The memories weren’t real. These women were just sexual beings as children and had penis envy and it made them lust for their fathers and fantasize about the rape that they had reported to him. That’s where the shittiest parts of Freud’s theories emerged.

Another part of it besides just the monetary aspect, though, was that there was a feminist movement on the fringes starting up at the time and by publishing work about women’s CSA he would be aligning himself with it and therefore losing support, respect, funding, prestige from his male peers and from the psychological community at large. He literally made that gross victim blaming shit up to keep his own reputation with these fucks and to make sure he still got publication and fame.

By coming up with fake theory about little girls fantasizing about incest he not only fucked over generations of women, the feminist movement that was arising, and the entire psychology field for years to come, but he also completely swept away any progress made in understanding trauma and so we didn’t have any clue why men coming back from war had “hysteria” like women during WWI.

And our research on PTSD and trauma is still lacking to this day, especially because of the stigma that maybe traumatized people deserved it or wanted it or imagined it. People don’t want to believe it’s real. Perpetrators of traumatic violence want everyone to forget about it, not acknowledge it, or trivialize it.

And they have Freud’s cultural legacy to help them.

Can you provide academic citations for this? This is really neat.

If you don’t have access bc paywall, here’s a decent summary on Wikipedia:

Some vague proof:’

An essay on the topic:

If you want some more, just google, “Sigmund Freud Seduction Theory Problematic.” There’s lots of academic and non-academic discussion on the topic, but TLDR Sigmund Freud is basically disregarded in almost all aspects of psychology by anyone who actually cares about their patients, so fuck that guy for holding psychology back.

Words cannot express how much I hate Freud. His theories have been entirely disproven by current psychological research, but using him to interpret literary texts is still a widely accepted technique in the field of literary study today.

English departments across the country will not bat an eye at tenured professors bringing Freud into lectures and citing him in scholarly articles and books. Doing a “Freudian reading” of a literary character or theme is regarded as a valid means of understanding and drawing meaning from works by authors as diverse as William Shakespeare, James Joyce, and C.S. Lewis. And it is based entirely on this guy’s unbelievably sexist, flat-out fraudulent, and thoroughly disproven research. It’s insane.

Just so everyone on my dash is aware that Freud’s theories are pseudoscience.

I too hate Freud and everything he stands for. I just wish people knew why I hate him so much.

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that’s lesbian activity

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Old Mill. Wow!

This is a water wheel situated outside the entrance to Huanglong Cave (Yellow Dragon Cave), near the Wulingyuan district of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan, China.

As mentioned on Wikipedia – “The cave itself includes four levels, thirteen chambers, three underground waterfalls, two underground rivers, three pools, ninety-six passages, as well as an underground lake. The largest chamber in the cave is 43,000 sq ft and the highest of the three waterfalls is 160 ft high. The guided tour through the cave lasts about two hours and includes a boat ride down one of the underground rivers.”

The music that has been added to the video is a disservice, because it completely detracts from the sound of the water wheel. It also doesn’t get across just how big the water feature is.

You can find a video without music here:



























…..if I was hell-bent on believing Sam and Cait were not in some kind-of (insert whatever relationship status you wish), and I saw the picture in Fife (#swallowing Balfe), the blurry video at SDCC (which is obviously them doing something more than coworker-like and filmed accidentally), and hantlers (thanks Cait), I would have licked my wounds and moved on. Throw in the candid golden globe pictures ……

Truly. If I saw Sam or Cait with anyone else in the above scenarios, I would have been devastated and crushed. That is the truth. My truth.

Oh, and we do have shippers who are attorneys, several who work in marketing and I am a financial analyst. Yes, I am paid to ANALYZE.

Yes @rainmanjdog ! We are not a bunch of uneducated, naive, delusional women. I’ve told my husband that some of the women who blog on here are absolutely brilliant! We come from all walks of life…teachers, nurses, analysts, lawyers, photo journalists, etc. I would put this group up against any group in the “smarts department”. And might I add, intuitive, witty, compassionate, kind, thoughtful, lovely people. We see what we see! So there…..I feel better venting. I don’t care what the “others” say, we’ve got it going on and I’m proud to count y’all as my friends!❤️😘

Tell it girl!

If anyone questions our degree in shipping they can look at our diploma on the wall!

You go girl

I will start it. Reblog with your degree, career. Job , skill etc. I am a Forensic Artist for 6 police and sheriff depts. Mostly retired and only do emergency sketches now. Did gallery paintings depicting the history of the American West and the Civil War for 30 years.

I am a physician specializing in Allergy and Immunology and proud to say I am shipping harder than ever even after the IFH !!!

Add your talent ,career, job training, education. Show them that shippers are NOT DELUSIONAL !🏨🚔✈👓📝🎨🎤🎹💅💃we are physicians ,lawyers, nurses, pilots,artists,singers, musicians, manicurist, dancers, judges, mothers and fathers, teachers, wives, soldiers, accountants, writers, daughters and sons,

Attorney…for 25 years. Have never felt the need to jump Ship. For me, it’s about the big picture and all of the collateral evidence. Rational shipping, my friends. 😎

BBC Programme Secretary/Radio Production Assistant for seven years, Regional TV/Radio Media Monitor for eleven years, currently in penultimate module study for BA Honours degree. I’ll graduate in 2018 at age 67. I sing soprano in an a cappella choir, write, up till recently performed in fringe theatre and film, and generally multi-talent

I teach writing and literature at a small liberal arts college in New England. I supervise 70-80 student writing tutors a semester. I’ve spoken at national and international conferences about my work. I hold two Masters Degrees. I’m 68

So cool to hear what you all do for a living!!!!!

I have had several professions over the years-librarian, special education aide, substitute teacher. I have a BA in English and an MLS. I managed a boutique/headship in the 70’s in a college town in Western Massachusetts. Eventually I studied herbalism and opened a private practice. I have co-created nearly 300 flower essences that I sell on my website. I have run 2 long term programs teaching herbalism and flower essence work and been a guest teacher on these subjects, as well as witchcraft. Still working and teaching at 66.

Certified Biomedical Scientist. Have been working in Medical Research at a Swedish University for 30 years.
My first fandom. Love everything Outlander. I totally ship Cait and Sam! After seeing them together, who wouldn’t?

Paralegal  .. I specialized in oil spill recovery / Discovery .. 

Went on to newspaper media /sports .

Now I am a professional Nanny for an executive couple 

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design… run my own Photography business (specializing in high school seniors and families) on top of a small interior design business. Am also a local City Councilperson. 41.

Bachelor of Science in Geology.
Airline Captain.

Accidentally stumbled upon Outlander and believe me it’s a guilty pleasure of escapism to an understandably stressful vocation. Managed to wrangle my way into the UK Premiere last year while on a layover… been a huge fan ever since.

By the way some of you ladies are seriously talented and hilarious, especially some of my fellow Canadians. My sincere thanks, very entertaining.

I’m a 65-year-old former Advertising Director, now retired, which is a good thing because I devote an inordinate time to shipping! I’ve studied soul transcendence for over 30 years, hence my proclivity for seeing the blessing in every situation, using the Light, and focusing on the positive. I trust my intuition, my eyes, and my heart, which all tell me Sam and Cait have been happily married for about a year now. IMO what we’ve witnessed today has been major tomfuckery by TPTB over their $4.4B deal.

I am a Human Resources Administrator with over 20 years experience in Employee Relations. How could I have been so fooled,,,if I was, I am paid for my analyses and judgement while working with employees in 5 different state and deciding whether or not to retain or fire a troublesome employee. I have to trust my intuition, the body language presented to me and my eyes. 

Retired after a 40yr career in the airline industry.  I wore many hats and was considered a problem solver, making decisions on the fly!. My most important job my 7 grandchildren! Having fun with all of you is a cherry on the top.

Well. Have had many different jobs, studied film and business in college. Became a restaurant manager, which I was very good at and ran my own pet sitting business, then became a mom, which I enjoy very much. My daughter is in college now. And now I build apps for local businesses.

BA in Business Administration and Marketing. Sr. VP for one of the largest insurance corporations in the country for 25 years. Serve as mentor to young women as part of a leadership program in my home state of South Carolina. Happily married to the love of my life for 29 years, animal lover, and will be 54 in December….Christmas baby! This is my first ever fandom, lover of the OL books, and love the love of Sam and Cait. I always look for the positive, and find humor where it seems there is none. I am a big giggler, and thoroughly enjoy the banter here!

Great thread!!! Seeing your posts here… recognizing all the talent pool from A to Z!
We all bring our exponential life experiences, personal and professional to this journey. I feel honored to be among this eclectic family.
I have bs in graphic design… Zigzagged thru many iterations of work thru the years while attempting the balance of being mom to 4 children. Married 36 years. Just turned 60.
Kudos to us!!! Let’s hold each other up

I’m psychologist, especially in education I have master grade. I’m living in the other side the world with other language, but I saw also the pattern of conduct, no verbal communication, and the most important things I saw love between two people.
The shippers are team at intelligent woman with perception we don’t be okay with false information.
Thank you to all for stay here!!!

TBT Shippers Rocks🍸🥂🥃🍷🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳

BA in Philosophy and Sociology. I have been working in a public organisation of 180000 employees as a General Manager for 17 years. I used to head a public hotline receiving over hundred thousand complaints and enquiries, and then to manage an annual budget of 10 billion. I am Chinese and married to a Latino diplomat. Being a proud Argentine Tango dancer for 14 years. I dance both leader and follower roles. I have no problem surrendering my body to a stranger on dance floor, cheek to cheek, torso to torso. I can tell the difference between perfect technical execution of sequence between partners and romantic chemistry.

What amazes me and I cherish most, is women of various religions and educational backgrounds, cultures, races, professions and ages have shared similar observations with analytical mind based on evidences, and we choose to believe in love and we have faith in human good nature. Let’s continue to believe in love and send good vibes to Sam and Cait.

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