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[What is the most difficult or challenging episode you’ve done so far?]

CaitrionaYou know, it’s great when Sam and I have fight scenes, or emotional scenes, we feed off each other in those scenes. And it’s always great ‘cause I know how to push his buttons, I think, in a scene and vice versa.

Sam: I’ll push back.

Caitriona: Literally, actually! We had a scene this season – which is not really a spoiler – but we were rehearsing and I gave him a little push. And Sam just went  * B O O M *  and I flew across the room, landed on my butt, and I couldn’t walk for about four days properly. “Aww,” see, yeah! Yeah, trying to fight with a He-Man is challenging.

Sam: Those are always the great scenes, though. We really enjoy them, don’t we? Taking chunks out of each other.

Caitriona: Throwing things at each other.

Sam: Yeah.

Is it wrong of me to really hope this entire moment from rehearsal makes it into the Season 3 Gag Reel? 😂

More than a year later and Caitriona is still thinking about this! How many times do you think she reminds Sam about it? That push really must have made an… impact xD

Loss (Act II), Part Eight


@sassenachwaffles​, @notevenjokingfic​, @gotham-ruaidh, and @kkruml kept me going with this when I wanted to quit. I think I just needed a week off from it while I was going through some things. We will be back to a weekly posting schedule on this now  xx.

Loss: Act I and ficlets

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Loss: Act II
Part Eight

Sea salt-slicked cheeks. Making love under a red and white umbrella on
the beach. Uttered assurances that no one would see us moving together.  Sun-ripened noses glossy with ocean and
sweat. We were warm with sunshine and the fact of our marriage just days

Jamie had an infatuation with inspecting our ring fingers every night
for tan lines.

“What do you want most in the world?” I had asked, lying on my side on a
striped towel with my fingers tracing the curved bump of each of his ribs one
by one.

“I want to love ye forever, take care of ye forever. To be strength for
ye always.”  Humming a little, I placed
my mouth on the swell of his bicep and breathed in the scent of him. “Christ
you are beautiful.”

“If you say so,” I mumbled into his arm, grunting a little when he
resisted my efforts to wrap my legs around him.

“Do ye not believe me? Have I ever lied to ye?”

“That’s not what I mean.” I sighed a little, attempting to blow a curl
out of my eyes. He relented, guiding my thigh up over his stomach as he took
care of moving the curl for me. “If you say it, then it’s true. You make it

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Hi guys👋🏻

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These two really do love posting at the same time even though they’re currently 9 hours aart by timezones. 😉

“We reached the top of a ridge”



We reached the top of a ridge, only to find another before us, and another beyond. I did not know what we might be looking for, or how we would know if we found it. Jamie covered miles with his tireless hill-walker’s stride, taking in everything. I tagged behind, enjoying the scenery, pausing now and then to gather some fascinating plant or root, stowing my treasures in the bag at my belt.
We made our way along the back of one ridge, only to find our way blocked by a great heath bald: a patch of mountain laurel that looked from a distance like a shiny bare patch among the dark conifers, but closer to, proved to be an impenetrable thicket, its springy branches interwoven like a basket.
We backtracked, and turned downward, out from under the huge fragrant firs, across slopes of wild timothy and muhly grass that had gone bright yellow in the sun, and at last back into the soothing green of oak and hickory, on a wooded bluff that overlooked a small and nameless river.
It was cool under the trees’ sudden shade, and I sighed in relief, lifting the hair off my neck to admit a breath of air. Jamie heard me and turned, smiling, holding back a limber branch so that I could follow him.
We didn’t talk much; aside from the breath required for climbing, the mountain itself seemed to inhibit speech; full of secret green places, it was a vivid offspring of the ancient Scottish mountains, thick with forest, and twice the height of those barren black parental crags. Still, its air held the same injunction to silence, the same promise of enchantment.
The ground here was covered in a foot-deep layer of fallen leaves, soft and spongy underfoot, and the spaces between the trees seemed illusionary, as though to pass between those huge, lichened trunks might transport one suddenly to another dimension of reality.

Excerpt From: Diana Gabaldon. “Drums of Autumn.” 


I declined a lovely invitation for the weekend of November 3rd & 4th. I told my non-Outlander obsessed friend that I had a previous commitment. My previous commitment is with Claire and Jamie Fraser, and all of you! 😘


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themusicsweetly:Jamie x Claire | Outlander Key ArtSeason One | Two | Three | Four

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