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Loss (Act II), Part Nine


As always, my hat’s off to @kkruml and @sassenachwaffles for putting up with me and giving me their thoughts. Their support is invaluable. And to those of you who have been along for this ride, thank you, too. xx.

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Loss: Act II
Part Nine

room time is different than real time.

become minutes.  Minutes become
hours.  Hours become an eternity.

room is limitless in its power to manipulate the mind into considering all
manner of dark eventualities.

power became more than a mere unwelcome abstraction to me. It was no longer a
concept that I appreciated solely through the eyes of a patient’s family or
from a chapter in a textbook about bedside manner.  

moments before he went into surgery replayed again and again in my head.

want to kiss ye…” His voice had trailed off in a way that left no question
about what he had intended to say.

last time” remained unspoken.)

tongue was almost shy as it darted out to wet his lips and I leaned closer,
pressing my mouth to his. For a moment we were still, like the dumbstruck first
kiss of two teenagers playing spin the bottle. But then a pale noise, unlike
any sound I had heard before, came from between us.  A dry, deflating thing that sucked all of the
air from my lungs. Jamie
pulled back just a little, his breath still warm and uneven on my parted lips.


was when I realized the noise had come from me.
For a moment, my mind
rocked back and forth –– recalling his words to John, his quiet plea
that his best friend take care of me. “I need you, okay?”

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