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lynchead: The X-Files: Pilot (September 10th, 1993) Happy 25th…


The X-Files: Pilot (September 10th, 1993)

Happy 25th Anniversary to THE X-FILES! 👽

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If you’re in need of ‘faith in humanity: restored’ news, a duck suddenly appeared on a remote island in the Pacific and no one’s sure how he even made it (the closest landmass, New Zealand, is about 1700 miles away) but, like, the entire population is now devoted to the duck’s wellbeing and that’s the first duck they’ve ever seen so they named him and Googled what he eats (not bread!) and built him an artificial pond and now ‘there are concerns he might be lonely’, so there’s talk of importing other ducks to keep him company and yeah, the world is still batshit insane but isn’t this the sweetest thing?

Anyway, meet Trevor.

i fact checked this to verify and op forgot the BEST PART

@elodieunderglass this seems like your jam

The local fire service have been refilling the pond when it gets low! :D

Please note that Trevor Mallard is a lovely man who is honorary uncle to the fantastic number of babies in Parliament – and regularly holds them during session, and even while holding votes. If you’re gonna name a duck after someone because their name is a humorous fit, this guy’s a terrific choice.

New Zealand’s new baby-friendly Parliament

And additionally, for the cute.

futurelounging: Scalamandre  Chapter 11 Previous Chapters /…



Chapter 11

Previous Chapters / AO3

Huge thank you to the OOT team who helped me whip this bad boy into shape in record time.

The industrial buildings gave way to beachfront.
Slowly, the air filled with the chatter of nightlife and music drifting from
open windows. All was not lost in the world. Life’s richness had been hidden
for too long and people were reaching out for each other again, tentatively
grasping moments of joy. But it was not a perfect illusion. Guards still lurked
in doorways, and people kept a distance out of habit.

The promenade was quieter than usual, with a
strong, cold wind cutting through the night. They slowed to a walk and slipped
their hands together without thought. The amusement center’s garish lights
flashed in the distance, shimmering off the water inching up the beach.

“You said you hated boats. Are you going to be
alright?” Claire leaned into him, trying to capture a bit of his warmth against
the growing chill.

His face paled and he grimaced. “It willna be
pretty, Sassenach, I’ll not lie. Are ye havin’ second thoughts about dragging
me along?”

“Dragging you along? If you so much as hint at
becoming a burden, I promise I will toss your green-gilled body into the deep.”

His laugh rumbled low in his chest and he leaned
down, brushing the tip of her ear with his lips. “And what would I have to do
to convince ye to keep me around?”

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If you’re having a bad day, remember that in 16th century Baltic Germans dressed like this:




me dragging my blanket around the whole damn house cuz all of me must be toasty

they look like i can pick one up and there will be a slightly smaller baltic german underneath

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