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emchromatic: thenatsdorf: “Do I look like I eat bugs?!” I love…



“Do I look like I eat bugs?!”

I love this frog so much I drew a comic of it.

do you really believe that many people know about S/C? if that’s the case, why is it so well hidden? they must be pretty damn good respected people for people to want to help them preserve what they have.

I really do believe that many people see with their own eyes, have witnessed things the fandom has no idea about, and never mention it at all.

It could be that they are that well respected, but it is also an unwritten rule. The set and that society is like Vegas, or like family. You just don’t blab about it to anyone.

Also, a lot of people see it, don’t realize that they are supposed to think/believe differently, and so it isn’t really an issue.

Other people will see it, have heard the official version, and think that it must be an illicit affair, and so they keep their mouths shut.

Regardless, the occasional bit of friendly gossip trickles into the general fandom, and that small bit is what we hear about.

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