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The emphasis on likes and the subsequent shredding a person to pieces over it? Why is this fandom so self destructive on its own?

I was mostly social media free last night so I’m woefully behind but I will refer you to the posts I reblogged this morning from @sherrigamblinaand @mama-tumblz as my long answer.

My cliff notes on bullet form suited for PowerPoint.

-Typical Fandom over reaction

-If you saw how my husband and I tease each other, you would think we don’t get along. Don’t presume you understand another’s relationship boundaries.

-Cait liked a post from Barry Waldo about how much he is missing a traveling JGS right now. I bet she wishes she could say the same publicly about Sam.

-Cait needs to understand balance on social media.

-Cait’s OTT praise of DG did not ring true as a Cait post to me. Well I think they control much of their social media, I don’t think all of it is them.

-If been a serious baseball fan since I was 10 years old and DG at Yankee Stadium was a fucking joke.

When I see the conversation and the anger over a like gets me more agitated than the like itself. Quite frankly in this case, I don’t even understand the anger. I have abs and caits like didn’t make me flinch. Maybe there’s something wrong with me?

I don’t have abs (anymore( lol, and Cait’s like doesn’t REALLY bother me. I guess I figure the teasing must be part of their relationship. And they both accept it because they know how opposite and hyperbolic from the truth it really is.

Cait does go to that particular well a little too frequently and a little too hard on a public platform. I’m assuming it is born out of insecurity in the fanbase.

In reality it is the same problem she always faces. Cait needs to learn about public perception and balance. Temper those kind comments and likes (fan interactions) with ones about not judging a book by its cover. She has done those, but lately her default is to take the very public piss out of Sam.

I don’t think she is a bad person. I don’t believe she would do it if she actually believed that or if it hurt Sam AT ALL. But this isn’t a private conversation or face to face. This is on a SM platform where hundreds if thousands of people can see it and interpret it in just as many ways. Tone doesn’t transfer and she interacts so frequently that people have very little background to compare to.

I don’t know what to say about it. I’m not mad. I’m shaking my head at all of it. It is pretty contrived, imo. It is almost like there are two Caits.

If I am being completely open…..I am more side eyeing the gushing over DG than anything else. I mean, I certainly don’t believe SHE wrote that script.

Anyway……Cait needs to take a good look at the image she is allowing out about her. From an objective standpoint.

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Did you two get dressed together or did Cait do some exploring of Sam backside to know about these secret pockets?!? 😉

And she can easily make him turn around, only a person very close to me can do this to me without being insulted and Sam was totally relaxed. 

She seemed very familiar with what he was wearing… 👀

how the fuck would she know about pockets in the back


Cait explained the story of the “nut sack” last year during their FB Q&A after winning the PCA. She didn’t turn it into a sex joke, shippers did.

Sorry, not everyone knows the story and “nut sack” is something the whole fandom will understand as a sex joke… there is double meaning there whether Sam has a sporran full of nuts or not. 

She doesn’t get a pass here.

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