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I think I’m gonna need your calm and reasonable explanations today, Mama. I was perfectly ok with him being in LA, because I thought she was going to attend some party and needed an escort, even more so since Sam couldn’t be there with her. But apparently she didn’t attend any event. Does it mean he went there just for her? Please, make me see reason, because I’m mighty confused at the moment, and I can’t find one good reason for him being there if not to visit her.

Well…She went to the Colbert event and we don’t know what other networking was going on pre or post Emmy. Just because there are no pictures…(and let’s be thankful there are no pictures)…doesn’t mean she didn’t do some social or industry networking thing that would go better with a trusted PA. Maybe he was there for Mark’s birthday celebration, or maybe he was there for some random Emmy related maestro convention. I do not know. I do think he was there though and not photoshopped. He’s been there other years, to support Cait while she’s there, and always with the same group of friends. I don’t know what to tell you Anon. I’m not here to convince everyone they should agree with me. But seriously, I can’t read the words “he went there just for her” without busting a gut laughing. Because come on. Did you even look at that picture? Would you travel halfway across the world just to be with someone that you’re afraid of accidentally touching from the neck down? Or because you crave that claw hold on your neck like she gives to all the other gay guys when she must touch them for a picture? Look at the body language. Look at it in every picture of the two of them, not just this one. Look at the expression on her face. On Tony’s face. Bless his heart for trying and wanting to help but this man is not in love with this woman. It’s like, as my friend @cb4tb describes it, he’s unsure how to act with another man’s girl. And her ‘smile’? Just like in the fan photo with the fan with the matching ring. She looks devastated, like she’s thinking “oh dear God, People really believe I could have Sam but I chose this. Kill me now”. No, there are lots of reasons he could have been there but ‘to be with her’ in the way you’re thinking. (Ewwww). is not one of them

【請祝福】好心狗場主人10號風球守護被遺棄老犬受傷 腦出血命懸一線 September 18, 2018 at 11:20PM

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surana17: alfrescotree: Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell at the…



Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell at the Emmys (x)

They are so sweet 😍😍



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Regal congratulations to Claire Foy, now a Golden Globe, (twice) SAG award & Emmy Award 2018 winner for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

Well deserved.

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Chapter 12

Previous Chapters / AO3


The stone walls of the abbey held dancing
shadows, flickering firelight from torchlit sconces, harkening the spirits of
the monks who made this place their home over hundreds of years. The night’s
insects filled the darkness with their layered chorus and swallowed the echoing
footfalls of their new audience.

“You may sleep here. Sleeping shirts are in the
cabinet should you require them.” The monk had asked them their names and
business and had surely taken in every tiny detail as they walked the long stone
path to the living quarters. Shadows moved in the periphery, but no other
voices spoke save that of their host. “Oh, you may call me Brother Martin. I
will come for you in the morning. Early.” He turned to leave them and stopped,
sniffing. “Ah, if you should desire to wash, there are showers down the hall.”

Jamie and Claire stood motionless in the dim
light of the hall, outside the arched door of their room and waited until
silence descended. Jamie sniffed loudly. “Did he say showers? As in modern
plumbing? Not a bucket and brush?”

“Jamie, I’m not exaggerating when I say this is
the happiest moment of my life.” He caught the flashing white of her teeth as
she smiled, and he laughed back at her.

“Is tha’ so? Weel, I canna say it troubles me to
hear it. Gives me something tangible to shoot for. I reckon I can do better
than a long-awaited shower. I shall endeavor to try, at least,” he proclaimed
with confidence.

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