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“I took Caitriona aside and said “okay so next time we do that take just tell him ‘get over here and lets fuck’ so sure enough she says this and you have that split second of a reaction in his eyes which is just fantastic and that’s what’s in the cut now.” – Anna Foerster

Celebrating the fourth TV anniversary of “The Wedding” is bringing back some great memories.  Happy fourth TV anniversary, Jamie and Claire!

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It would be nice if you don’t interpret everything she posts as to mean that she’s missing him. Problem is that every time she does shippers twist it to mean what they want it to mean. Sometimes a post is just a post and in this case it is just that. 5 years since Outlander began for both of them.

I would be nice if you not only minded your own fucking business but learn to read Tumblr to know that I only reblogged and didn’t write a damn thing in my reblog.

PS.  She misses him really, really bad.  Like lots.

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