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SamCait. A Story in shoes.








Reblog because now I love the shoes in the pic #1. 😂😂

This is one of my fav posts

always matching♥️♥️

This is just…hot

Amazing! What IS a little freaky though is I could literally take a flash card test right now and tell you the rest of the outfits AND the event! Worse, you could add them more and I would know. That is just…..sad???? Funny???? Invested????

If I remember it correctly Cait and Sam were separated (aka he was filming some other stuff elsewhere) while filming Faith so it must’ve been extra stressful for Cait.

Hey there Anon!

Yes, since much of Faith didn’t have Jamie in it, Caitriona was filming separate from Sam for much of it (especially for scenes that took place at L’Hôpital des Anges, where I believe Caitriona spent the bulk of her filming time).

One of my favorite interviews she’s done about this episode is her “Scene to Remember” interview with Yahoo. As she talks, you can see her remembering what playing that grief and loss felt like. It’s so evident in her expressions, you can’t help but relive all that emotion with her watching it again.

I don’t remember the exact details, but if I remember correctly, there was a moment after filming (I believe it was after the graveside scene?) where Sam made sure to comfort Caitriona. She had been crying during the scene, and was still crying after it ended, so Sam took her away to just give her space to do that. That’s just another beautiful (if not also heartbreaking) example of how what Caitriona has said from day one is true: Sam is her calm center and just the solid presence in her life. 

As a side note, I will never, EVER not be mad that Caitriona didn’t get nominated for an Emmy for this episode. N E V E R. 

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